Rock Rose: Poseidon Airsoft PPW Sniper Rifle


Rock Rose goes over the Poseidon Airsoft PPW Sniper Rifle that was released last year. This is a Gas Blowback rifle with a new hop-up unit and the Alpha+1 antifreeze nozzle. It is made of CNC aluminium alloy, with an M-Lok Handguard and Buster Sword steel vertical trigger unit.

Evolution Recon Breacher 13" M-LOK ETS Intro


Rock Rose gives an introduction of the Evolution Recon Breacher 13" M-LOK ETS AEG made by Italian airsoft company Evolution International and it is available in Japan now. This has the reinforced with integrated slot for Mosfet and electronic trigger E.T.S. III, a programmable electronic trigger.

Comparison Of Lipo Batteries For AEGs By C-Rate


A C-rate in batteries is about how much a battery is discharged relative to its capacity. In this video Rock Rose compares Lipoly batteries for airsoft use by their C-rates... "There are too many people who don't know about C rate and battery output, so I've included an explanation. Very few even shop clerks understand it correctly, and we often see people explaining lies to customers. Get the right knowledge and choose a battery without being fooled by the clerk.

Rock Rose: Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 EBB


Rarely found outside of Japan is the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 EBB, powered by 4 AAA batteries and produced for ages 10 and above. Rock Rose demonstrates this EBB pistol in this video... "This is a video introducing Tokyo Marui's 10-ban electric blowback Hi-Capa 4.3, playing with an electronic target using it, and playing a little indoor battle."

Rock Rose: ARCTURUS AR15 E3 AEG Simple Review


Rock Rose does a quick introduction and review of the ARCTURUS AR15 E3 Carbine AEG. Made mainly of metal, it has folding sights, adjustable stock, and replaceable grips for a more comfortable hold on the pistol grip... "Introducing the ARCTURUS AR15 E3 Carbine AEG. It seems that I had taken it before and forgot to upload it, so I uploaded it with simple editing. This is a simple review that omits the details of each part."

M4 Gearbox Removal Challenge


It's rare to watch female airsoft players do their own teching. In this Rock Rose video, they do a challenge of removing the gearbox without breaking anything... "We have a challenge with the DSG custom of APS electric M4. It will be attempted multiple timesuntil the mechanical box is taken out. Enko is a mechanically clumsy class of a girl. Even such an Enko is made to work on it until it works properly.

Escort ES Simulator Stun Grenade


The Rock Rose airsoft channel goes over the Escort ES simulator Stun Grenade made for airsoft use. This has a realistic look with full metal construction. Since this is a "Stun" grenade it is an airsoft sound grenade that has an output of 130 decibels... "Tsumugi introduces the ES simulator stun grenade released by Escort."

Evolution RECON Breacher PDW6 M-LOK ETS AEG


Evolution AEGs are available in Asia, especially in Japan. In this video Rock Rose goes over the Evolution RECON Breacher PDW6 M-LOK ETS AEG... "This time, I would like to introduce an electric gun from an Italian manufacturer called EVOLUTION Airsoft. I hope you can watch the video for details, but it's good anyway! I bought this toy gun from a mail order shop called Crazy Gun Shot."

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