JokerFace Airsoft: Begadi ECO M4 MK I Gen 4


JokerFace Airsoft got his has hands on the Begadi ECO M4 MK I Gen 4 to check how this affordable AEG is something for German airsoft players to consider. It is available in black and tan versions... "HUGE THNKS TO BEGADI for sending me the red dot sight and check them out at for some awesome deals!"

xFORCE XFR01 Reddot Review By JokerFace Airsoft


JokerFace Airsoft takes a look at the The xFORCE XFR01 with flexible mounting that he got from Begadi. The German airsoft supplier has this description of the product... " xFORCE XFR01 Reddot with with flexible mounting. Tis a very good and inexpensive red dot sight with a point reticle.

The slanted lens prevents reflections from e.g. Sun exposure or other light sources.

E&C M4 "CQB" Eclipse S-AEG With Begadi CORE EFCS


JokerFace Airsoft shows another E&C M4 AEG that comes with the Begadi CORE EFCS. An affordable AEG, the E&C M4 "CQB" Eclipse S-AEG is compact and mainly made of metal with a CNC handguard with Keymod system. It has fully adjustable flipup sights, comes with two MidCap magazines and is delivered with DEAN plugs.

Jokerface Airsoft's Avalon Saber CQB AEG


Jokerface Airsoft talks about his primary airsoft gun, the Avalon Saber CQB AEG, which is part of his loadout in 2020. A premium line from the VFC, the Avalon Saber CQB has a one-piece 8.5-inch aluminum outer barrel attached to the front, which also has a screwed-on aluminum flash hider (14mm) in an aggressive style. Instead of the conventional handguard, an approx. 8 inch long aluminum free float M-Lok rail system is installed in this version.

Asia Electric G Limited F17 Better Than The SIG Air M17?


Jokerface Airsoft checks out the Asia Electric G Limited F17 Gas Blowback pistol which is based on the M17 pistol design and made by WE Airsoft if it is better than the SIG Air Proforce M17 made by VFC... "Jokerface the airsoft NOOB here giving you a review from a noob's perspective of the Asia Electric G Limited F17. The unlicensed version of the Sig Proforce P320 M17... Will it hold up against the real deal?"

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25 Oct 2020

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