4UAD Smart Airsoft: AAP-01 + CTM AP7 SMG Kit ASMR


For the next relaxing ASMR moment with the 4UAD Smart Airsoft, it's with the Action Army AAP-01 Assasin Gas Blowback Pistol that is equipped with the CTM AP7 SMG kit. Using this kit, an airsoft player gets an MP7-like gas blowback SMG, for a more stable shooting platform especially during CQB games. Watch them test the kitted out AAP-01 whilst proudly showing their sexy legs.

Replace Grip Frame On AAP-01 With CTM 22/45


Wyhaq demonstrates how to change the grip frame of the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol to give it a new look in this video... "This video I show how to install a replacement grip frame for the aap-01 airsoft gasblowback toy replica. The replacement is a ctm brand grip frame modeled after the ruger 22/45."

CTM Speed Holster For Glock & AAP-01 Pistols


Ken Lai gives us a quick overview of the Speed Holster For Glock and AAP-01 airsoft pistols... "The CTM GA Holster is compatible with a wide range of Glock GBB pistol variants.

The removal spacer allows more models to be fiited with the Holster such as the WE GALAXY Series.

CTM For Glock / AAP01 Pistol Speed Holster Nylon (AAP-01) Right hand version


CTM 3D Printed AAP-01 Holster


Owners of the new Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol can now have holster to use with it with this 3D Printed Holster from CTM. It has snap and pull features and claim to be sturdy enough to use. It also comes with a back clip for easy use.

CTM Airsoft MK13C Sniper Rifle Series


Aaron shows the CTM Airsoft MK13 airsoft sniper series and it is available the MK13C and MK13 Mod 7 variants... "The MK13 is a customized sniper rifle with reference to American sniper rifles, using AI's AX AICS customized bolted short barrel version, making it more convenient to move and carry, and adapt to different use environments.


Aaron's CTM MK23 NBB Pistol Overview


An overview video of the Aaron's CTM MK23 NBB Pistol which Aaron claims to be a better performer than the Marui and Novritsch versions. This is a customised MK23 airsoft pistol, it takes 10 days to prepare and is ready to be used for a game out of the box, each unit will have its own serial number when shipped. It is claimed that it is silent enough, around 30 decibels in five metres.

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