TTI Airsoft Glock Aluminium Magazine


Clyde Santos tries the TTI Airsoft Glock aluminium magazine. The TTI Airsoft’s G-Series Airsoft magazine, with a capacity of 50 rounds, is engineered for use with VFC, Tokyo Marui, WE G-Series, Action Army AAP01 Series, and TP22 Airsoft pistols. Despite its size, its CNC aluminium build ensures it remains remarkably light.

Clyde Santos On The KJW/ASG CZ Shadow 2 Orange GBB Pistol


Clyde Santos says the competitive action air shooters in the Philippines can expect the ASG Shadow 2 Orange GBB Pistol to arrive next month. ASG says The CZ Shadow 2 Orange elevates realism to new heights with an ultra-stable stainless steel barrel, authentic bushing, and improved recoil system. This CO2 blowback beast boasts superior accuracy, adjustable sights, and a 26-round mag, all secured in a sturdy hard case.

TTI Infinity Brass TDC Hop-Up Chamber For Hi-Capa


Clyde Santos got his hands on a prototype TTI Infinity brass TDC Hop-up chamber for the Hi-Capa gas blowback pistol and here is what he says about it... "The much awaited TTI Infinity brass chamber. Is it nexxspeed killer? Lets find out once they release the final product. This item is protype!"

Clyde Santos' ICS BLE ICP Review


Clyde Santos gives his take on the ICS BLE ICP gas blowback pistol if it is the best GBB pistol in 2023. This product features a durable aluminum slide construction and a lightweight nylon-reinforced polymer frame. It has a TDC Top-Down-Center hop-up design that stabilizes trajectory and enhances accuracy and range. The low-resistance slide design includes a spring-powered hammer contact design, reducing interference.

CL Project Design Shadow 2 Custom GBB


Competitive shooter Clyde Santos gets to put the CL Project Design ASG Shadow 2 Custom GBB pistol through its paces in this video review. The ASG CZ Shadow 2 airsoft pistol is a realistic and powerful replica of the real steel version. It has an anodized aluminum slide, a stainless steel recoil spring guide, a fiber optic front sight and an adjustable rear sight. The slide and grip have improved designs for better recoil management and precision shooting.

Clyde Santos With New Vector Optics 1x26x32 Frenzy


Clyde Santos checks out the newly released Vector Optics 1x26x32 Frenzy. This has has a large dot size for increased target acquisition speed and a large viewing window for faster shooting. The top-loading CR2032 battery allows for quick replacement without the need to re-zero. The sight also features audible clicks for easy elevation and windage adjustment. This sight should be good for rapid fire pistol shooting and sport pistol shooting.

Clyde Santos Tries The EMG TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Philippine-based competitive shooter Clyde Santos gets his hands on the EMG TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol, aka the John Wick 4 Pistol and gives his take on it. This licensed replica has fast and easy controls and a quick magazine release. This is made by Armorer Works for EMG, different from the Jag Precision version made by Army Armament.

Clyde Santos On The KJW KP-07 1911 GBB


Is the KJ Works KP-07 1911 GBB Pistol one of the best gas blowback pistols? Practical shooter Clyde Santos gives his take on this gas blowback pistol that is a modernised 1911 with an under rail to mount weapons accessories. It is full metal with rubberised grips with the internals being able to use Marui-compatible parts.

King Arms TWS9 GBB Rifle Review


Clyde Santos gives his take on the most recent gas blowback rifle from King Arms, the TWS9 GBB... "At last! They already released at Pistol caliber Carbine GBBR that uses Glock mag!

Anyway this video helps you for your purchase :)

If you are in the PH you can check CS Pro Custom for more GBB customization and parts."

JLP Recoil Buffer for 1911 & Hi-Capa Review


Clyde Santos reviews the Recoil Buffer for 1911 and Hi-Capa Review from JLP. Designed by renowned action air shooter Joe Lau, this is made of complex polymer and is said to improve recoil stability, with fast follow-Up shots, short stroke & slide reliability. Usually available in 8 pieces in 1 pacl, it can take up to 10000+ BB rounds.

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