DE M904G Muzzle Brake Removal & Suppressor Fitting


Continuing with requests on how to configure the Double Eagle M904G AEG, Pheas Airsoft shows how to  remove the Muzzle Brake and be able to install a suppressor... "Following several requests, and battling to find the time, I did a quick video to show to remove the muzzle break on the lovely DE M904G."

DE M904G Rail/Handguard Removal Howto


Pheas Airsoft shows how to remove the railed handguard of the Double Eagle M904G AEG. This has the Falcon Fire Control System and comes with Tamiya/Deans connector adapter which should make players who use the T-Plug happy... "Following a request from a few people and struggling to find the time, finally got the chance to do a quick video about removing the rail unit on the rather lovely M904G."

Double Eagle M904G Honey Badger Falcon Control System


The Double Eagle M904G Honey Badger is an AEG that comes with the Falcon control system which means it comes with a MOSFET that can be programmed for 1-5 round burst; gearbox and battery protection, bump fire-style trigger. Handguard M-Lok comes equipped with MOSFET and a CQB style sliding stock. Learn more in this unboxing video by Pheas Airsoft... "Here is the final unboxing from the recent big order we had.

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