Nerf M79 Thumper Grenade Launcher


A realistic looking M79 Grenade Launcher that launches Nerf Sponges is tried by Mach Sakai. Called the Hora Toy M79 Grenade Launcher that can be purchased from Amazon Japan, this is made a wood grain version resin. It can be nice to use during a Nerf firefight or even for airsoft since the projectile launched is a sponge round, virtually harmless.

Red Army Airsoft: The Evolution Of TAGinn Grenade Launchers


Alexander talks about the evolution of grenade launchers for milsim, airsoft, and training use made by TAGinN in this Red Army Airsoft review... "In this video, you will see how TAGinn has come from their first airsoft grenade launcher, based on a paintball marker, to the most modern series of Kick Charge grenade launchers."

TAGinn Kick Shell Launcher Prototype Test


Heavy Barrel RU got a prototype version of a launcher for the the Kick Shell from TAGinn to test... "Based on the grenade launcher for 12K gas shells, I present a prototype of an airsoft grenade launcher for a carbine (compatible with the RIS interface + there is a transition to m-lock). The ammunition used is the Kick shell launcher from TAG inn, grenades of the KS series.

Nuprol M79 Airsoft & Paintball Grenade Launcher


Modern Intel give their take on the Nuprol M79 Airsoft and Paintball Grenade Launcher which is available in the UK... "Mike takes a look at Nuprols M79 Airsoft replica that fires BBs and paintballs!!!

Based on the Vietnam M79 Launcher or Thumper as it was nicknamed, we ask is it worth it and is there any point in using these in an Airsoft or Paintball Scenario!"

Halo Airsoft Rocket Launcher


Spartan Jess - The Halo Airsofting Spartan was able to showcas the Halo Airsoft Rocket Launcher during an event at Ballahack Airsoft last month... "On September 17th 2022, the Halo Airsoft Community and I attended the Ballahack 15th anniversary event. Multiple members from the community participated with our tents set-up to display and showcase the Halo side of the sport.

Raptor GM-94 Pump Action Grenade Launcher Review


In a show and tell video review, Mad AK Max, goes over the Raptor GM-94 Pump Action Grenade Launcher. Made by Raptor Airsoft in Taiwan, it can use the TAGinn 40mm grenades as well as other 40mm shell gas grenades. This is a 4-shot max pump action with one in the breech and 3 in the tube magazine before needing to reload again.

Black Winter Airsoft: TAGinn Kicker MLS36 Launcher


Something that we are waiting to be available outside of Russia is the TAGinn Kicker MLS36 Launcher which was just recently released. Black Winter Airsoft got his hands on a unit to test... " A relatively recent addition from Tag Inn is the Kicker Grenade Launcher. Description, scope of delivery, shooting."

The $20 The XE-15 'CAT' Airsoft Rocket Launcher


Explosive Enterprises feature and inexpensive rocket launcher that can be used for airsoft purposes... "Today we're going to take a look at one of our scratch-built airsoft projects, the XE-15 Cheap Anti-Tank, or CAT. We'll take a look at the design of this rocket launcher, and also get into a full build tutorial at the end of the video.

HFC HG-138 BB Launcher At MiR Tactical


The compact HFC HG-138 Grenade Launcher Accessory is available at MiR Tactical and it's a good backup when unable to reload during a CQB game apart from clearing tight spaces. It can hold up to 40BBs and can be mounted to the under rails of airsoft pistols too... "This HFC HG-138 is the best extra accessory for your pistol! Here at MiR Tactical we have it all!"

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