G&G ARP9 CRAZY Upgrade V2


The Real Deal Airsoft shows the crazy upgrade he has done on the G&G ARP9 AEG... "How are YOU doing my Real Deal brother/sister?!

I'm doing a custom build for my friend RDRND . We are installing a bunch of upgrades. I will walk you through my steps as we take this average airosft gun , and make it an absolute CQB BEAST!"

Real Deal Airsoft's Upgraded VFC MP5 Gameplay Airsoft


Let's find out if this upgraded VFC MP5 airsoft SMG of The Real Deal Airsoft works like a charm in this gameplay video... "What's popping guys. I know a lot of you have been waiting on this gameplay video!

This Airsoft AEG was featured in my Upgrade Series on the channel where i go through each step of the upgrades.


Modify Ceramic Bearings vs Stock Steel Bearings


The Real Deal Airsoft compares the Modify Ceramic Bearings to the Stock Steel bearings of a VFC AEG... "Ceramic bearings vs Steel bearings, what's better? Why?

My stock VFC Bearings became dirty and gooked up, this caused a lot of wasted energy, causing the motor to work harder. The motor would get warm quicker than I would like.

VFC MCX AEG Full Disassembly


The Real Deal Airsoft shows you how to disassemble the VFC MCX AEG (SIG MCX). If you are an owner of this AEG, then better watch so you can be guided in doing your own maintenance of its internal parts... "How's my Real Deal Family ? In this video you will learn how to disassemble the VFC MCX replica.

The Magazine Catch is different than most AEG's so be sure to watch the video to find out how to remove it!

Elite Force Glock Lefty Magazine Release Howto


The Real Deal Airsoft shows you how to do the Elite Force Glock Lefty Magazine Release. Should be a great help to lefties... "What's up guys?! If you are a left handed shooter, than this video is for you! We will walk through the steps together to get the mag Release from the Right to the Left side!"

How To Fix An Airsoft GBB Leak


For beginners and for those who need a refresher on gas blowback maintenance, The Real Deal Airsoft got this video showing you how to fix a leak, the bane of gas blowbacks... "What's up guys? I am having a leak coming from my Gas Blow Back Pistol Magazine. I figured that we can take the magazine apart and fix the issue together!"

LCT Airsoft Daytona AK


The Real Deal Airsoft shows his favourite airsoft gun, an LCT Airsoft AK that has been kitted with the Daytona Airsoft engine... "WHAT'S UP GUYS! Today I'm talking a little bit about my favorite gun in my Airsoft collection, my LCT Daytona AK!

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