Agilite: IDF Battle Belt Setup


Doing your IDF impression? Agilite Gear, an Israel-based tactical gear company, goes further in giving you a tips by having a Special Forces operator to tell how it is done... "Captain 'G', an Israeli Special Forces Officer gives us the run down on how he sets up his Battle Belt."

Agilite Modular Assault Pack III Overview


Overview video from Agilite gear on their AMAP III... "The Agilite Modular Assault Pack III or “AMAP III” is the most versatile and universal military assault pack on the market. Designed, Battle-Tested and proven in Israel and behind enemy lines with the IDF’s most elite units. It has numerous unique features and capabilities that no other assaulter pack has.

BESTA Airsoft On The Agilite AMAP II All Purpose Pack


A look at the AMAP II All Purpose Pack from Agilite Gear by BESTA Airsoft... "The AMAP II a great all purpose pack, it has it's own proprietary mounting system to be used with AGILITE Plate Carriers. It fills the gap between having a big backpack or just having a small low profile pouch or panel on your plate carrier. Enjoy!"

Why Do IDF Soldiers Wear Those "Chef" Hats


Many airsoft veterans and those knowledgeable about the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are familiar with the "Chef" hats worn by Israeli soldiers on missions and exercise. Called the “Mitznefet”, it actually serves a valuable purpose to make the soldiers more stealthy and not easily seen. How? Find out more in this blog by Agilite Gear... "One of the questions we get asked most is “Why do Israeli troops wear those chef hat things on their heads?”.

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