"Pulling Back The Curtain On Airsoft Industry"


This is a long livecast by English Kiwi as he and guests talk about the airsoft industry. This is over 3 hours long so as always have some drinks and snacks at the ready whilst you watch... "This week  I'm joined by Mark from Thin Brown Line to grill a couple of people who keep our great hobby ticking along, Chris from Super5ives and Will from ASG.

L1A1 SLR Bayonet For Airsoft


English Kiwi features a bayonet that can be mounted on the L1A1 SLR AEG. Find out which airsoft brands it can work with... "This week we look at my custom 3D printed Airsoft safe L1A1 SLR Bayonet!!!

If you're interested in picking one of these up drop me a message on my facebook page!"

English Kiwi: Which L85? Livestream Episode


English Kiwi and Sherman were discussing about airsoft versions of the L85 rifle and in this livestream (this is the recorded livestream) they go into conclusion which airsoft L85 that players can get... "This week we're looking at the conclusions mark "Sherman" from TBL and I reached in our recent Which L85 Livestream!"

English Kiwi & AATV On Upgrading Your AEG


Whether you are a beginner or veteran airsoft player, planning on your next airsoft gun purchase is always a chore since there a lot of choices and you don't want to plunk down your hard-earned money on a lemon. English Kiwi discusses this with Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) to help you in this video... "In This video Tom from AATV and I discuss the best ways to choose and buy your next airsoft gun!"

English Kiwi: Upgrading The G&P M14 DMR


We get to watch English Kiwi again as he services a G&P M14 DMR AEG in this video. It's been some time since we last saw this AEG... "This week we're looking at the general service and upgrade work I've done on Scott's bootsale purchase, a G&P M14 DMR."

English Kiwi: What Is A MOSFET?


MOSFETS were started being introduced for airsoft AEGs a decade ago and players can make their own MOSFETs following instructions from hobbyists. Now, major airsoft manufacturers are including MOSFETs into their offering, making AEGs more responsive and they even come with diagnostics. English Kiwi explains what these are for in this video, which we recommend beginners to watch... "This week I thought I could discuss what a mosfet is, and what purpose they serve in the context of airsoft guns!"

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06 Aug 2020

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