Task & Purpose: How the New U.S. Army's 'Smart Scope' Changes Combat


Task & Purpose takes a look at the L3 Harris entry for the U.S. Army's Next Generation Squad Weapon Fire Control System as part of its program to select the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW)... "How did we get to computer powered scopes that calculate bullet drop instantaneously? The ACOG and CCO gave infantry a massive performance boost. It's the first step to soldier augmentation. This is where the real future of firearms will be.

Task & Purpose: General Dynamics NGSW 6.8mm Prototype Live Fire


Task & Purpose has a video showing a live firing of one of the finalists for the U.S. Army's NGSW program from General Dynamics... "Can this rifle replace the us army's M4 5.56mm ? True Velocity came out with a revolutionary NGSW 6.8mm 30% lighter weight cartridge. The Next Generation Squad Weapon program has three firearms manufactures competing to replace the legacy small arms. Word on the street is the army will select a winner by sometime around December of 2021 at the earliest.

Air Force Special Operations Tactics & Equipment


Task & Purpose put together this video showing the tactics and equipment of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations... "From Combat Controllers and JTAC to Pararescue, Air Force Special Forces is the single biggest force multiplied to the US Military since 2001. Find out how AFSOC operates behind enemy lines to set up new airfields and call in close air support right."

Top 3 Differences Between The US Army & Marine Corps


The U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps got their infantry units ready to defend or occupy territory, but what are there differences? Task & Purpose does a video to show the top 3 differences... "This isn't about who would win in a fight. It's about why they win when they fight together."

Task & Purpose: Recoil Analysis of the 6.8mm NGSW


As we are keen followers on the NGSW programme which will determine the future service rifle and squad support weapon for the U.S. Army, we are interested in this Task & Purpose analysis of the NGSW's recoil with the 6.8mm round... "Everyone in the comments section noticed the same thing. The weapons recoil looks heavy. In this video you'll find out all the details we know about the US Army's 6.8mm Next Generation Squad Weapon's recoil."

Task & Purpose: Meet The Real "Hoot" Of Black Hawk Down


Meet the real Delta Force operator involved in the Operation Gothic Serpent who was portrayed by Eric Bana as "Hoot" in "Black Hawk Down". Task & Purpose got to interview Norm Hooten who tells us not to panic in combat.

"If there’s one thing to remember in combat it’s this: Whatever you do, don’t panic.

Norm Hooten knows this better than most.

"Can the Marine Corps M27 Rifle Replace the M249?"


What do you think? With the M27 IAR for the USMC being the mainstay weapon, can it really replace the M249 which of course was designed as a support weapon that can keep the enemies' heads down whilst the Marines move to take them out. Task & Purpose discuss this in this video... "Is the M27 IAR a Marine Corps Infantry replacement for the M16 or the M249 SAW? Or wait...is it meant for the Designated Marksman role? Apparently It's a bunch of roles rolled into one for the Marine Corps.

Task & Purpose: U.S. Army NGSW Update


This is a bit dated as it was posted last month, but it is interesting to see what Task & Purpose has to report on the ongoing NGSW programme of the U.S. Army to replace the M16/M4 and the M249 as it may also influence the development of future airsoft guns... "The Army is working to switch from the 5.56 mm ammo to the 6.8 mm next generation squad weapon. This is a future weapons program that includes the MG 6.8mm which we've acquired some new animations to.

Task & Purpose On The US Army's NGSW


Task & Purpose put out a video on what will be the replacement of the M4s and M249s of the U.S. Army in the future, the Next Generation Squad Weapons... "Former Army Infantryman Iraq War veteran gives the Next Generation Squad Weapon rundown. These three companies are in competition to replace the M-16, M-249 SAW and the M-240 bravo with the NGSW.

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