EMG CYMA Gas System Series At Evike.com


Matt reviews the EMG CYMA Gas System Series that is now available at Evike.com... "NOVESKE, in the firearms world, is a name synonymous with quality and precision. From their complete rifles to their rifle parts and accessories, every piece is manufactured to exact specifications and thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest quality product is being offered.

CYMA CM.099 VSS AEG At Patrol Base


Stu talks about the CYMA CM.099 VSS AEG that is available at Patrol Base. If you're looking for a faithful Airsoft Electric Gun version of the VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle, the CYMA CM.099 can be a good choice. This is a replica of the unique Russian DMR that belongs to the AS VAL family and uses the special 9x39mm round. The CYMA CM.099 has a rear-wired Stock that makes it easy to install batteries.

Airsoft Armoury: CYMA Glock 26 Advance Springer


A spring-powered Glock 26 Advance airsoft pistol is shown by Airsoft Arrmoury and it is actually called a P698 Compensator by CYMA... "Bold spring softgun pistol from Cyma. The model is a Glock 26C Advanced. This means that it has a compensator and a longer magazine. The smart thing about this one is that you can convert it into a normal Glock 26C by removing the front and changing the magazine to a shorter one.

Overview Of The CYMA SGR-12 AES


Airsoft-Rus got the CYMA SGR-12 AES in stock. This is a clone of the Tokyo Marui design and here is their take... "The body of the shotgun is made of impact-resistant plastic and aluminum alloy. All connections are made tightly and reliably, there are no backlashes at all. In the upper part of the body there are RIS-slats, on which open folding sights in the form of a front sight and a diopter are installed. The handguard is made of aluminum and has an M-LOK interface.

Does Tuning A CYMA AEP Do Anything?


That's what REAPERs Airsoft tries to find out in tuning the CYMA AEPs such as the CM.131 and CM.127 including the parts are available to use. Good for AEP owners to check out if they plan on tuning their AEPs... "Hey guys, little video about AEP tuning and whether the parts are affordable."

Geonox Airsoft's CYMA CM.132 AEP Review


How does a MOSFET-equipped CYMA CM.132 AEP perform? Geonox Airsoft does a review of this AEP if it is something he can recommend to airsoft players... "In this video we look at the CM.132 from Cyma. It is an AEP. It stands for Automatic Electric Pistol. That means it is battery operated. And since it's under 0.5 joules, it also has continuous fire.

Is it worth it for getting started with Airsoft?

CYMA CM.103A AK Alpha AEG Review


L'antre Du Dingo gets to review the AK Alpha AEG made by CYMA, the CM.130A. This is based on the design by CAA and disributed by Kalashnikov USA, which has no relationship with Kalashnikov Concern of Russia. It is mainly made of polymer and has fully ambidextrous operation.

CYMA Rapid Strike PCC Style AEG At Evike.com


Matt reviews the CYMA Rapid Strike PCC Style AEG available in SBR, SMG and PDW versions at Evike.com.... "New to the CYMA lineup is the Quick Buffer System (QBS) which allows for rapid spring changes that can be done by hand. This efficient new system only requires the removal of your buffer tube castle nut to gain access to the captured guide rod and spring.

CYMA Standard RPK AEG Unboxing & Review


ExPolitika takes a CYMA Standard RPK AEG out of the box and give their take in this video review... "Hey yall. today we are gonna be takin a look at the uhh CYMA Standard RPK LMG Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Steel Bipod and Wood Folding Stock. its a really sweet aeg with real wood and integrated bipod.

let me know if you have any questions in the comments and I'll try my best to answer them.

Neo035: CYMA M12 Trench Gun


Neo035 goes from World War II to World War I, taking a look at the airsoft versio of the Winchester M12 Trench Gun made by CYMA. This is the preferred weapon for close quarters and trench clearing which soldiers during the Great War did a lot.

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