Tom's Airsoft Channel: G&G TR16 SBR 308 MK1


An SBR version of the G&G TR16 308 sories in the form of the G&G TR16 SBR 308 MK1 AEG is available in Europe. Tom's Airsoft Channel checks out the build quality which comes with an M-LOK rail system, adjustable stocks, and flip up sights. As this comes with the ETU system, it has more shooting modes as well as cut-off feature when the magazine empties.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Bolt Monster 0.5j AEG PDW


A review of the Bolt Monster 0.5j AEG PDW from BOLT Airsoft. The 0.5j energy is due to German requirements so check with your retailer if you require something higher than that if you are not in Germany. This is mainly made of metal with the PDW stock mainly made of polymer. Tom's Airsoft Channel checks it out if it's a good primary for CQB games.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Germany's Best Airsoft Shop Survey


If you're looking into purchasing airsoft guns and gear, it always helps if you look for advice online from those who are in the know of the industry such as the airsoft community groups and airsoft content creators. In this case Tom's Airsoft Channel aims to have a list of the recommended airsoft shops in Germany and makes a survey which is the best.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Bolt MK18 TBS/Hellfire New Gen


Tom's Airsoft Channel shows the Bolt MK18 TBS/Hellfire New Gen, a non-blowback AEG from Bolt Airsoft but comes with some enhancements to get your attention such as the RAIDEN ETU that was developed with ACETech. This is an AEG that is fully licensed from Daniel Defense and features an enhanced gearbox as well as a 6.00mm inner barrel for precision.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: KWA QRF Mod. 1


We take a look at the last review of 2020 by Tom's Airsoft Channel the covers he KWA QRD Mod.1 AEG, a compact AEG and one of the offerings of KWA that takes an AR design with a 9mm-style AEG magazine... "Hey guys, last review for 2020. Today I can disassemble and test the KWA QRF Mod 1 for you. A really nice piece."

Tom's Airsoft Channel Airsoft Collection


Tom's Airsoft Channel does the time-honoured tradition done most airsoft YouTubers, show their airsoft collection. In this case it is the what he accumulated in 2020... "Hey guys, today I'm showing you the 19 weapon collection update. A lot has happened in the past year. Even if you couldn't really play, I expanded my range.

Greetings Tom"

Tom's Airsoft Channel: PTS Magpul PDR-C AEG


A look back at the Magpul PDR-C AEG from PTS Syndicate. This is now hard to find at airsoft retailers and if you can find one it is probably in a second hand condition. Tom's Airsoft Channel reviews this AEG which is the only production PDR-C as this was a stillborn project of Magpul and never got developed into a real world firearm as only a prototype was made.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Evolution Ghost XS EMR With ETU


The Evolution Ghost XS EMR With ETU got some revised internals with a reinforced gearbox, torque motor, and 8mm ball bearings. With the ETU it gets an active brake, full cycle control, battery save, and the electro-magnetic trigger unit. Tom's Airsoft Channel checks it out to see if gives better performance than other previous AEGs from the Italian airsoft company.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Specna Arms Gun Case


The Specna Arms Gun Case has been available at most airsoft retailers in Europe and it is a good seller. Made of polymer, it is a hard case rifle that can protect your airsoft gun with a  4-layer insulation material that can be cut individually, 4 flap locks to close the case tight, air pressure valve to vent the case, and it is IPX7 rated waterproof. Tom's Airsoft Channel got one just for this video review (in German).

Tom's Airsoft Channel: VFC Glock 45


Tom's Airsoft Channel checks out the VFC Glock 45 Gas Blowback Pistol for this video review. This a fully licensed pistol that it is either sold under the Elite Force or Umarex brands depending on your location. This has a full metal slide that has an engraved "Glock 45" logo and features smoother slide cycling, metal outer barrel, Glock style sights, and 23 round gas magazine. This is still based on the Glock 45 pistol which fires a 9mm round, not the .45 ACP as its name may imply.

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