Specna Arms CORE vs. Specna Arms EDGE


Have you been wondering about the difference between the CORE and EDGE series from Specna Arms so you can make an informed choice in your purchase of a Specna Arms AEG? Here is Tom's Airsoft Channel to the rescue, provided that you can follow German... "Hey guys, today there’s another Specna Arms Airsoft for you :) This time it’s not about a review but a comparison of the two series. CORE VS EDGE."

Tom's Airsoft Channel: ICS Sirius PDW 9 AEG


The ICS Sirius PDW 9 AEG is available in the market for months now and the latest to review this AEG is Tom's Airsoft Channel. Will he be expressed by its external and internal build... "Hey guys, today there's something nice again from ICS. The PDW9 is really sexy as hell. But are the internals also good?"

Tom's Airsoft Channel: E&C M16 With M203 UGL


The E&C M16 that comes equipped with an M203 BB Shower Launcher is available in Germany via Begadi and it comes equipped with the Begadi CORE EFCS. Tom's Airoft Channel takes a look at this semi-auto firing AEG... "Hey guys, today I can introduce you to the E&C M16 and M203 UGL. Great part, which is definitely something different."

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Olight Extreme Test


Olight, an already familiar brand of lighting tools that can be used for airsoft and as EDC, gets to have its products tested by Tom's Airsoft Channel. In this test, he gets 3 Olight flash lights and you can see for yourself which one can meet your lighting requirements.

Tom's Airsoft Channel: KWA QRF Mod 1, PTS PDR-C & Bolt MK18 TBS


It's a 3 for 1 in this episode of Tom's Airsoft Channel as he gives an overview of the following new and not so new AEGs, the KWA QRF Mod 1, PTS PDR-C and Bolt MK18 TBS... "Hey guys, today there’s a different kind of unboxing. I will show you several models that do not get direct unboxing. There will probably only be a small video about the Bolt and the PDR-C.

Greetings Tom"

Tom's Airsoft Channel: E&C MK18 S-AEG


It looks the MK18 series is the flavour of the year with releases from various manufacturers such as Tokyo Marui. In this video Tom's Airsoft Channel goes over the MK18 S-AEG made by E&C that have been modified to meet German regulations... "Hey guys, today I can introduce you to the first of two E&C models. The MK18 model is well known - now Begadi has imported these beauties to DEU."

Tom's Airsoft Channel: CAA Micro Roni Kit For Glock


Tom's Airsoft Channel reviews the CAA Micro Roni Kit for Glock. Available for sometime now, CAA Airsoft Division (with OEM being King Arms), provide various kits and complete airsoft guns of their products. This kit allows you to convert your Glock pistol into a PDW-style airsoft gun that provides a more stable shooting platform.

HPA-Powered Classic Army MP5 SD3


A good airsoft gun, the Classic Army MP5 SD3 has been updated with the latest AEG tech from the Hong Kong-based airsoft manufacturer. But how does it fare as an HPA-powered one? Watch Tom's Airsoft Channel show one that uses the Wolverine Reaper Gen 2 HPA engine... "Hey guys, today in the video I can show you the Classic Army MP5 SD3 in the HPA version. As always, I wish you a lot of fun with the video :)"

Tom's Airsoft Channel: Umarex H8R Revolver


The Umarex H8R Airsoft Revolver is available in Germany. This is just like their HDR50 and is an airsoft version that is CO2 powered and has a 10-BB round capacity. A distinguishing feature of this revolver is the 20mm rail that can be found on top and as an under rail so you can mount two weapons accessories at the same time. Tom's Airsoft Channel takes a look... "Hey guys, today we have the video for the H8R revolver - a great piece!"

ICS Airsoft Sirius Hawk And Eagle AEGs


Tom's Airsoft Channel takes a look at the two of the AEGs that are part of the Sirius series from ICS Airsoft are available at Begadi in Germany. These are in semi-auto firing mode as full-auto AEGs are not allowed in the country... "Hey guys, today is the review of the new ICS Sirius models. I looked at the HAWK and the EAGLE in detail. I wish you a lot of fun."

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