Tokyo Marui G34 Review By Pew Hub TV


Pew Hub TV give their take on this long slide Glock 34 GBB Pistol from Tokyo Marui... "Pewhub got hold of the Creasy gun the G34 from Tokyo Marui. This ultra reliable update on the G17 design will happily take green gas only adding a little extra wear, it has the same lower as the G17 so shares magazines. it was the favorite gun used by John Creasy in Man on Fire and although adapted with an upgraded slide has also made an appearance in the John Wick Films.

How to Build An Airsoft Loadout


In this episode from Pew Hub, it is about building your airsoft loadout. Whilst under lockdown and quarantine, better experiment with various loadouts that you feel comfortable with and should be appropriate to the game environment you will be in... "Accompany Rob on his journey to pick an airsoft load out. In this video, he's starting with clothing!"

Pew Hub TV With The OshiiBoom Airsoft Grenade


Pew Hub TV reviews the OshiiBoom BFG that can be used in airsoft and training. This has a single piece design so no worries about loosing spoons. As to what primers and blanks that can be used are the 9mm/.38 crimped blank cartridges, .209 shotgun primers, and 12g shotgun blanks. These blanks and primers can be used provided they have an adapter.

Pew Hub: How To Clean Your GBB Pistol


Another tutorial for airsoft beginners and we suggest that it becomes a habit before and after an airsoft game (or even during lockdown). Pew Hub shows how to clean your gas blowback pistol that you can even lick it afterwards, though we are exagerating on that and don't recommend it... "Gun Maintenance is essential for the longevity and reliability of gas blow back pistols.

Pew Hub At The Great British Shooting Show 2020


Here is the footage from Pew Hub taken the Great British Shooting Show held in February... "Awesome footage of the NEC at the British Shooting Airshow 2020 coming your way!! Awesome pew tubes and amazing Airsoft personalities, all on PewhubTV.

Pewhub TV spent the day at the British Shooting Show 2020 at the NEC. This is a round up of what we saw and some of the people we spoke to. Airsoft is a growing part of the show and we recommend popping along."

Pew Hub: Shield Sights At Great British Shooting Show 2020


Video report from Pew Hub featuring Shield Sights during the Great British Shooting Show 2020 that took place in February with their booth at the Airsoft Surgeon 2020 Championship... "Freaking awesome shotgun in this video! Check it out! Pewhub TV joined Shield Sights to have a look at their range of RMR sights and double mount, while we were there we got a look at a few 'interesting' guns including the best looking shotgun we have ever seen."

Pew Hub With Rich Of Zero One Airsoft


Pew Hub interview crowd favourite Rich Torpey of Zero One Airsoft which runs the Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival, the largest airsoft event in the UK... "We spoke to none other than Ground Zero's Rich, event manager and crowdpleaser, at the National Airsoft Festival of 2018. Find out through the eyes of a newcomer, what NAE is like!"

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