Federal Concepts FEDA Valve/NPAS For Tokyo Marui MWS


DAKKA Airsoft installs and tests the Federal Concepts FEDA Valve/NPAS designed for use with the Tokyo Marui MWS GBB System... "Tired of inconsistant readings? Is the day warming up? Need to make an adjustment? Tired of having to use specific tools? Well, Federal Concepts has you covered with their FEDA Valve/ NPAS!

This my first review style video, I took as much time as I could to make sure the details were as accurate as possible.

Begadi NPAS in VFC/SIG Air ProForce M17/M18?


Ice K tries the Begadi NPAS if they can fit the SIG M17 and M18 GBB pistols made by VFC. The Begadi NPAS (Negative Pressure Adjustment System) is designed to decrease energy in GBB weapons, thereby enhancing gas efficiency and reducing cooldown susceptibility. It comprises a two-piece stainless steel valve, PTFE discs for adjusting energy, and a CNC-manufactured 7075 aluminum backplate.

Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod.1 GBB + NPAS Gameplay


According to the Kyaneko Brothers, they tried using a Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod.1 MWS GBB that has the RA Tech NPAS Ki and he reports that it's crazy, which we take it to be a very positive outcome. Mainly available from the Airsoft Taiwan store, the NPAS Kit, allows one to adjut the FPS of the MWS GBB to meet site limits. This two-part loading nozzle fits most Marui GBBs with the MWS system.

VFC M110 NPAS Installation


Ollie Talks Airsoft shows how you can install the NPAS on the VFC M110... "So this video is for installing an NPAS into an M110 replica Airsoft M110 by VFC, its not my replica and the owner had requested the new part be fitted so I figured why not show anyone whose interested inside the bolt. The more you know!

Thanks to my friend Tom for his help in making this video possible and also the owner of the M110!"

Installing NPAS On WE Airsoft L85A2 New Gen


Part 2 of Airsoft Mike's unboxing and review of the WE L85A2 New Gen GBB rifle is more about installing an NPAS for FPS adjustment... "Here it is, part two of my review of the WE L85A2 where I show you at least one out of the box improvement with the new gen WE L85A2 SA80 gas blowback and how I install an NPAS so you can adjust the FPS!

NOTE: I have left the front sight on for a reason! Part 3 coming soon! Check my Instagram for a bit more info about that!"

RA-Tech SCAR Steel Bolt Carrier


RA-Tech got the steel bolt carrier for the SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle and with an added option of getting a version that has the Magnetic Locking NPAS aluminium loading nozzle. Will there be an added benefit to have this option? Find out in the video below as they explain the product's features.

RA-Tech Magnetic Locking N.P.A.S.


Here is a video showing an animation on how the new RA-Tech Magnetic Locking NPAS works. This update on the NPAS helps it solve the problem of the FPS going into lower settings. According to the company, this helps ensure a more stable FPS. This is primarily designed for the WE Airsoft AR Gas Blowback Series.

RA-Tech Magnetic Locking NPAS (WE AR)


RA-Tech released video announcing their latest NPAS product for the WE Airsoft AR Gas Blowback Series. They have the Magnetic Locking NPAS to answer the problem of the FPS going to the lower settings. This ensures that the NPAS will provide a more stable FPS for the WE Airsoft AR GBB series.

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