"Will There Be An AirsoftCON 2020!?"


There are questions if the biggest customer appreciation event in the airsoft industry, the AirsoftCon which is hosted by Evike.com, will happen this month. Most likely you already know the answer but let's hear it from Matt and George in episode 150 of the "Not So Round Table" talk show... "We hear all of your burning questions!  With October here now, the nation's largest and most epic Airsoft event would usually be just around the corner. But due to the COVID outbreak, this year has been not so epic.

John Wick Pistol At AirsoftCon 2019


Airsoftology was at the AirsoftCon 2019, Evike.com's big gathering of airsoft players in the West Coast held at their Superstore in Alhambra, California. Jonathan Higgs checks out the John Wick Pistol at the Evike booth and other gas blowback slides with Dave Baks of Airsoft Obsessed. The airsoft pistol is fully licensed and can be ordered online or offline from Evike.com.

AirsoftCON 2019 Evike Official Video


Here is the official video biggest event airsoft gathering in the West Coast of the USA, if not the USA, the AirsoftCon 2019 hosted by Evike.com... "Thank you to ALL of our amazing Customers for making another Airsoft year EPIC. Every year AirsoftCON becomes bigger and better through the tremendous support from the Players and the Airsoft Community. We can't wait to see both the new and the same faces at AirsoftCON next year!"

Limited Edition Krytac KRISS Vector AEG


Get a sighting and perhaps be one of the privileged owners of this Limited Edition Krytac KRISS Vector AEG from Evike.com which will be on display for everyone to see at the AirsoftCon 2019... "For when you need to keep those blast doors closed. Brand new limited edition Krytac Kriss Vector AEG in all white, with Defiance DS150 stock, V2 Upper, 6.5in barrel and unique rail system!

Oh...and an extended battery cap, right out of the box!

10 Cheeseburgers And A 1919


Here is a reminder from Evike.com to book your slots for the AirsoftCON 2019 as it will be taking place next week. Shades does the honor of munching down cheeseburgers... "AirsoftCON 2019 is happening on Saturday, October 19th, 2019.  What better way to remind you of the date of AirsoftCON 2019 than showing Shades eating 10 cheeseburgers next to a 1919. Enjoy!"

Evike.com: AirsoftCON 2019 Teaser


The big AirsoftCon 2019 hosted by Evike.com has been announced at it's going to be on the 19th of October. Held at their Superstore in Alhambra, California, customers and fans can drop by to enjoy a day of fun and airsoft with the Evike.com crew, airsoft celebs, and airsoft vendors.... "Another EPIC year is upon us!  Mark your calendars for October 19th, 2019 for the BIGGEST Airsoft event of the year! AirsoftCON 2019! It just keeps getting better and better!

Evike AirsoftCon 2018 Official Video


Here are the highlights of the AirsoftCon 2018 from Evike.com, the biggest airsoft event in the West Coast... "Thank you to ALL AirsoftCON 2018 attendees.  We hope you all had a blast at this year's amazing Airsoft convention and were able to check out all of your favorite brands as well as your favorite Airsoft Celebrities.  Until next year... it only gets better and better."

AirsoftCon 2018 Video From Blank Dog


One of the first videos taken at the AirsoftCon 2018 posted online by Blank Dog... "Hey guys decided to make a quick montage of my day at Evike for their Airsoft Con 2018. It's not my best work but I wanted to get some content out since I haven't put anything out in the last few months. Anyway, hope you enjoy it! SUBSCRIBE!"

Evike.com AirsoftCon 2018 In Pictures


The big Evike.com event, the AirsoftCon 2018, finally happened and they say it was a massive success, posting an album on what took place on their Facebook page. The AirsoftCon takes place annually at the Evike Superstore in Alhambra, California... "What was your favorite part of Airsoftcon 2018? THANK YOU for your support, for trusting us, and making this Airsoftcon a great success!"

Grab ICS Swag At AirsoftCon 2018


If you are going to Evike.com's AirsoftCon 2018, you might want to visit the ICS Airsoft booth there as you can grab some swag from them. Just follow their instructions... "Come visit the ICS Airsoft booth at AIRSOFTCON! See the hottest NEW products and get lots of FREE goodies at ICS booth right next to our friends at Team ASG.

Are you planning to get a new BLE pistol?

Now it’s your chance to own and get extra SWAG!

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