Bridged Thermal Night Vision On A Budget


The Dirty Civilian lists thes pros and cons of using bridged thermal night vision whilst on a budget... "Everyone knows that night vision and thermal are superpowers. With any superpower though, it often comes at a heavy price. So how cheap can we go and still have a next-gen, functional system with both tools? In this video, we dive into the pros and cons of running night vision and thermal on a 'budget'."

New Holosun Thermal & Night Vision Red Dots


Dirty Civilian gives his take on the Holosun Thermal and Night Vision Red Dots if they are game changers in this video... "The new Holosun Thermal (DRS-TH) and Night Vision (DRS-NV) Red Dots are finally here. How do they perform and are they worth it? Are they a game changer for next-gen, affordable optics for civilians? The results are pretty incredible."

iRay RH25 Helmet Mounted Thermal


Arkayne Co presents the iRay RH25 Helmet Mounted Thermal. It is a monocular that costs US$5,999.00... "The RH25 by iRay may very well be the most versatile thermal unit around. The RH25 can be used as a handheld, helmet, standalone, or forward mounted unit.

Thermal is an essential piece of kit for the prepared person. Skip to 8:09 to see how thermal beats night vision by far.

Valken Tango Thermal Goggle


Here is Kaiju to quickly talk about the Valken Tango Thermal Goggle. It comes with - 3 interchangeable lenses of clear, yellow, and grey and these dual thermal lenses that exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards. The package include as carry bag and removable prescription eye wear insert. Frame colors available in either black, olive, or tan.

AMNB: "Night Vision vs. Thermal Scopes"


Richard Douglas writes for the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog to discuss about night vision and thermal scopes if there is a difference between these two systems... "Everytime I use night vision — whether wearing helmet-mounted goggles, using the best 6.5 Creedmoor scope with the aid of thermal, or engaging targets with a NV optic — I feel nearly invincible.

Afterall, seeing in the dark was only gifted to certain animals. Now, we have various night vision and thermal optics that allows us to see in the dark.

Airsoft Action: Thermal vs Night Vision


An introduction to night vision devices by Airsoft Action TV with a comparison of Thermal and Night Vision... "We shot this earlier this year but never got around to using it as I had to drop out of the event early.

What should you buy? Night Vision or Thermal? We've got a whole stack of night vision and thermal content coming over the next couple of months but to start you off here's a chat about the differences.

Models Featured:

The Night Vision Show: Thermal Battlefield


The Night Vision Show shows the the FLIR Breach used in a Stirling Airsoft event in Catterick... "The modern battlefield via the eyes of the FLIR Systems Breach tactical thermal imager which can be used hand held or helmet mounted for unrivalled situational awareness, day or night.

RandomTrashy: Torrey Pines T12 Thermal


RandomTrashy reviews the Torre Pines T12-W which is a 30hz refresh Mini Thermal Riflescope that can be mounted on your rifle with a quick release picatinny mount system... "This thermal device is the perfect entry level device, Its compact and able to be used to handheld or rail mounted, it has a crosshair thats adjustable for engaging targets."

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