Tokyo Marui Colt MK12 MWS GBBR "Lone Survivor" Custom


This Tokyo Marui Colt MK12 MWS GBBR "Lone Survivor" Custom is a more recent work by NextGen Retros. This custom gas blowback project includes a Nova M16A1 Lower, Tokyo Marui M4 Upper and internals, G&P M16A2 MWS Stock, M16A1 Grip from Brownells, MWC Frontset, Harris Style Bipod, and an M3 Style Scope.

GHK Colt MK12 Gas Blowback Rifle First Impressions


Total Recoil Airsoft got their hands on the GHK Colt MK12 Gas Blowback Rifle and they share their first impressions in this video. The GHK MK12 is a Colt licensed gas operated airsoft rifle that uses the GHK V2 M4 system with new features. The receiver is made of T6061 forged aluminum alloy, similar to real AR receivers, and other parts are made of steel or CNC steel. It features a fixed buttstock and a new, easily adjustable hop-up system.

GHK MK12 GBB Rifle Sniper Mission


How will the GHK MK12 Gas Blowback Rifle perform in this airsoft sniper mission? Watch Total Recoil Airsoft undertake such mission in this video... "G'day Airsofters! Today, I'm fielding the all-new GHK MK12 GBBR for the very first time. Join 'Opie' and me as we navigate an intense forest game, full of stealth, strategy and tension. How will the MK12 perform as a DMR? Stick around to find out!"

TFBTV Guns of SOCOM Episode 2


The Firearm Blog TV features the MK12 SPR in the second episode of their Guns of SOCOM series... "Guns of SOCOM, Ep. 2: In this episode, James introduces viewers to the Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle. The Mk12’s primary purpose was to provide a light, precise rifle that could be used in close-to-medium-long range combat.

RWTV: Which VFC DMR Is Best?


We have not tried any of these GBBRs made by VFC so we determine which is better. But RedWolf Airsoft TV beat us to is here are Tim & Marck doing an episode comparing Umarex G28 and the MK12 Gas Blowbacl Rifles... "VFC have released to powerhouse DMRs recently and the presenters thought it was a great idea to pit them up against each other. But which one will come out on top?"

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