Country Tactical: WW1 Airsoft Night Raid


Country Tactical got another World War 1 airsoft video for you. Let's find out how they do a night raid over a hundred years ago and lots of fireworks used here... "We experiment with a WW1 Based airsoft battle at night! This was an intense  Night time Airsoft Trench raid and it was quite fun. We plan on experimenting more in the future. Fireworks and Airsoft are featured. Do not Re-Attempt."

World War 1 Airsoft's Airsoft Mg08/15 Review


World War 1 Airsoft does a review of this own creation, the custom MG 08/15 airsoft machine gun. Based on the Maxim Gun, this is the standard machine gun by the German forces during World War I... "Hey guys! After this very long 7 month break I'm back again.Hope you enjoyed this in-depth review of my custom Mg08/15 machine gun.Next videos will be an updated 1914-1918 loadouts, custom Gewehr 98 update and a video of 'Somme' airsoft game, stay tuned ;)"

World War 1 Airsoft: Fall 1918 (Full)


Here is the full footage of the Fall 1918 airsoft event courtesy of World War 1 Airsoft... "Fall 1918 was an airsoft ww1 game based on the last months or weeks of the western front. This video includes all of the footage and that is why it is so long! I recommend watching the whole thing and especially the attacks because that is how world war 1 airsoft really is!

Fall 1918 WWI Airsoft Game Trailer 2


Here is another video from World War 1 Airsoft of their recently concluded Fall 1918 World War 1-themed airsoft event... "A little sneak peek to what Fall 1918 looked like. This was filmed through binoculars by Pietari and Jimi of Linnasoft. They have done very nice job with the editing and sounds.

Full video coming soon!"

Airsoft MG 08/15 HPA Build Project


World War 1 Airsoft does an interesting airsoft build of the MG 08/15, the lighter more portable version of the Maschinengewehr 08 (MG 08) that was first introduced in April 2017. The MG 08 is an adaptation of the Maxim Gun that was produced in 1884... "I've been asked a lot for this on instagram and I finally decided to release a video on how I made my Mg08/15 into reality.

HPA-Powered Gewehr 98 Gameplay Video


World War 1 Airsoft shows his HPA-powered Gewher 98 airsoft rifle in this gameplay video. The Gewher 98 is German bolt-action that was the German standard rifle from 1898 to 1935... "Gameplay with my HPA g98 at Linnasoft airsoft field in Hämeenlinna. The gun is very powerful and accurate (until it gets a stroke...) In the future you can buy these Gewehrs from me either with gas or HPA system.

Next gameplay video will be with my HPA mg08/15."

World War I Airsoft In Japan BF1 Style


We see a good number of World War II airsoft played by airsoft players, but rarely is a World War I-themed game. But in Japan they were able to do one at the Operation Freedom Survival Game field and they got the uniforms and guns to go with the theme. Watch the video of Tokumuhei if they have done it right. Nice touch with the Battlefield 1-style trailer.

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