Is The ASG Steyr Scout Elite Rapax Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Out Of The Box?


Geonox Airsoft reviews the ASG Steyr Scout Elite Rapax airsoft sniper rifle if it is the best airsoft sniper rifle out of the box... "In this video we look at the Steyr Scout Elite with 2.6 Joule tuning spring from Rapax. There aren't many airsoft snipers that are playable out of the box. Usually they shoot crookedly, have no precision, no range or the innards are not designed for the energy and break after a few days of play. With the Steyr Scout you no longer need to worry about tuning.

Jaeger Precision On The Secutor Rapax M6 & M7


In episode 112 of "Bringing It Home", Jaeger Precision goes over the features of the Rapax M6 and M7 AEGs from Secutor Arms... "This is quite frankly the easiest out of the box ready to go DMR because it runs the Ares SR25 Infrastructure."

Secutor Rapax M6 & M7 In Bringing It Home Ep. 112


Bespoke Airsoft feature the Rapax M6 and M7 AEGs in episode 12 of the "Bringing It Home" series. Both AEGs are based on the Ares SR25 platform... "The latest DMR in the Rapax lineup. The M6 and  M7 models are the latest design with great features and the go to DMR for those not wanting to spend a fortune. This DMR is ready to go out of the box with great features and styling. The same great Rapax with a fresh new look and new P-Mag style magazines!"

Secutor Arms RAPAX M6 & M7 Pre-Order


SKW Airsoft sent in news that they are now taking pre-orders of the Limited Edition Secutor Arms RAPAX M6 & M7 AEGs... "The pre-orders for RAPAX M6 & M7 are open. We remind all our customers that this product is in limited edition.

The new policy of the brand SECUTOR is to produce in limited quantity and to care the quality of the product like RAPAX and not to commercialize these ranges again.


Begadi Sport M4 "NOVA" Compact SD


Rapax unboxes the the Begadi Sport M4 "NOVA" Compact SD, as semi-auto AEG that comes equipped with the Begadi CORE EFCS... "Small but also nice? From the outside, the price/performance ratio is definitely right! In my opinion, there should be many more models that offer this 'silencer partly disappears in the handguard' look! Very sexy!"

Read the full review here and the unboxing video below:

0'20 Magazine: Secutor Arms RAPAX M5


Here's the first longer look at the Secutory Arms RAPAX M5 AEG as done by 0'20 Magazine. This AEG comes with its own Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) and it looks like it's programmable as well just like other AEGs from other companies tha come with their own integrated MOSFETs. Watch the video if it is something that you want to bring to the field as a DMR.

Secutor Arms RAPAX M5 Coming Soon


We get a sneak preview of the upcoming airsoft rifle from Secutor Arms in this news submission by SKWAirsoft. Externally, this looks like to be a good airsoft gun, but we'll know more once details are revealed... "Very soon you will feel the RAPAX M5 experience in your hands. Many thanks to all players for the support and for the diffusion."

Secutor Arms RAPAX XXI M3/DMR Unboxing & Overview


The Secutor Arms RAPAX XXI M3/DMR is already out in the market and Airsoft Mike gets to be one of the early guys to get their hands on a unit to review... "Today I get to play with the new DMR from Secutor! Join me as I unbox and test this epic primary and give you my initial thoughts. Huge thanks to Secutor and 0'20 Magazine for making this video possible!"

Secutor Arms Rapax M3 & M4 Now Shipping


SKW Airsoft announced that the Secutor Arms Rapax M3 and M4 AEGs have started to ship last Monday... "Monday March 2, the distribution of RAPAX M3 and M4 models started across Europe. Clients who have already made reservations are being delivered (65% of the total stock), this week shipments to these clients will be treated as a priority.

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