Evike Mason's Airsoft Collection


Mason from Evike.com has curated an good ollection of airsoft guns. This collection includes the KWA KMP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun and the Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Style Full Size Airsoft Shotgun. It also features the JG T3-K3 Full Size Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle and the JG T3 SAS Super Shorty RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle with a Sling End Cap.

KiJudo Airsoft's Replicas For 2023


Do you want to learn about KiJudo Airsoft's airsoft guns for 2023? Here is the video showing the line up that includes primaries and sidearms such as the  SRC Colt 25 SRC, ASG Mk23 Socom, WE Airsoft Glock 17, Specna Arms, RRA SA-E17 EDGE AEG, CYMA AK47 CM.028A AEG, G&G GC16 Predator, and another WE Airsoft gas blowback pistol, the Glock 18C.

A Collection Of Airsoft Guns Worth 20 Milion Korean Won


Well, what do you expect from airsoft channel on YouTube? You will see lots of airsoft guns and in the case of Airsix TV, a collection worth 20 million Won which is roughly around US$15,300... "Hello, this is AIRSIX. This video is a collection of shooting scenes from our videos."

Pewpew Paladin Rebuilds His Airsoft Collection


Pewpew Paladin embarks on rebuilding his airsoft collection. Will he do a Mari Kondo? Watch the video... "In this video, I take a look at my next steps as I look to part ways with a large section of my airsoft collection and plan the steps to rebuild it better than it was!

What makes the grade as I look to free up space and money - and what is it that I look for in it terms of Rifs...

What tickles my pickle and floats my boat?"

Unicorn Leah & DesertFox Show Their Airsoft Pistol Collection


Another showcase of airsoft gun collection with DesertFox Airsoft and Unicorn Leah livestreamed an episode showing what can be the largest airsoft pistol collection outside of an airsoft retailer's display room. Check if indeed they have a mouth watering collection, which for mere mortals like us, is something we can only dreamed off limited by budget or space at home.

Kraken Airsoft's Insane Airsoft Collection


And he finally did it, Kraken Airsoft does what many airsoft YouTubers ahead of him had done, show his airsoft collection... "Hey everyone! We are back, today we go over my entire airsoft collection! All of these guns are special to me in their own unique way. All custom builds that I will continue to improve upon every year. Enjoy!"

Dreadonyx Heavy Airsoft's Collection


A mandatory for any airsoft channel YouTube, showing the collection of airsoft guns the channel maintainer owns. For this video, it's the collection of Dreadonyx Heavy Airsoft... "The Dreadonyx collection of heavy airsoft. Doing some talk about each of my guns and how they feel, performed, or critical issues that i have had to bring in-site for other looking to buy."

Airsoft Mike's Huge Airsoft Collection


Airsoft Mike does what every known airsoft YouTube celebrity does, show his own massive collection of airsoft guns which only a big airsoft retailer can beat. He also gives a preview of what's coming soon and talk his future plans in this over four minute video.

Booligan's Big Airsoft Collection: Part 2


This is the second part in which Booligan Airsoft shows his massive airsoft collection and this time it is about his pistols. If you missed the first part, that episode shows the various airsoft guns that you see in the gun wall behind him... "Next part in this video series is looking at my hand cannons of all shapes and sizes."

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