Secutor Arms Bellum V CO Pistol Review


ScarFab94 reviews the full metal Bellum V CO2 Blowback Pistol from Securtor Arms that can also be powered by Green Gas. Based on the M9 pistol design, it is compatible with most, if not all of the existing M9 magazines in the market. It has a 14mm negative thread to accommodate mock suppressors or tracer units.

Secutor Arms AQUILA Tan Version & New Dates


According to SKW Airsoft, the Limited Edition Secutor Arms AQUILA LMG AEG will be having a second model, and it is the tan version... "News! AQUILA will also be available in TAN color with Multicam textiles, so the launch of this new product will consist of 2 models differentiated by color:

Secutor Arms Aquila LMG Update


SKW Airsoft sent in news that the Secutor Arms Aquila LMG AEG will be available soon... "AQUILA is an LMG that is already equipped to play in the support role; it includes a 6.03 precision barrel as well as Maple Leaf rubber that will ensure a perfect flight of your BBs.

Gunfire Product News Update This Weekend


Grab a load of goodies from Gunfire as the announced deliveries such as Secutor Arms, J-Series with ASTER, Theta Optics and more! Also new products delivered include Range Solutions targets, Tornado magazines, and the Hop-Up CNC ME - PRO Maxx Model/Specna Arms chamber.

Secutor Arms Aquila LMG AEG


A short teaser video showing the new Aquila LMG AEG from Secutor Arms... "We are proud to introduce AQUILA, a new LMG model, designed for support players. As always, this will be a limited edition model since AQUILA has been designed to weigh less than its competition (despite being fully made of metal) and comes upgraded with a 6.03 precision barrel and Maple Leaf rubber, as well as many other surprises that we will be revealing."

0'20 Magazine: Secutor Arms RAPAX M5


Here's the first longer look at the Secutory Arms RAPAX M5 AEG as done by 0'20 Magazine. This AEG comes with its own Electronic Trigger Unit (ETU) and it looks like it's programmable as well just like other AEGs from other companies tha come with their own integrated MOSFETs. Watch the video if it is something that you want to bring to the field as a DMR.

Secutor Arms RAPAX M5 Coming Soon


We get a sneak preview of the upcoming airsoft rifle from Secutor Arms in this news submission by SKWAirsoft. Externally, this looks like to be a good airsoft gun, but we'll know more once details are revealed... "Very soon you will feel the RAPAX M5 experience in your hands. Many thanks to all players for the support and for the diffusion."

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