"The Best Airsoft BBs for Snipers?"


Find out in this video what Airsoft After Hours consider to be the best BBs for use in airsoft sniper rifles... "We get asked what BB's we use quite often, so here is a video showing some of the BB's we use and our thoughts on them.

This is our opinion on the best BB's we've used. This is not the answer to which BB brand is the best in the world, it is our opinion so make sure you test different BB's before making your mind up on which BB brand you like the best, stay safe guys and girls and have fun!"

Xcortech X3200 MK3 Review


Airsoft After Hours takes a look at the Xcortech X3200 Mk3 Chrono if it is good enough for their use... "We purchased a new chronograph, the Xcortech X3200 MK3. We currently don't own any other chronographs, so we can't tell you how good this unit is compared to competing units.

We paid 58 USD for this chronograph.

Nova M92FS Inox Build Problems & Fixes


Airsoft After Hours goes over the problems with the Nova M9 Kit for the Tokyo Marui M9 GBB Pistol Series and how to fix these... "If you are installing a NOVA M9 kit or any of the M9 variations onto a Tokyo Marui M9/M9A1, the information in this video may help you."

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06 Aug 2020

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