Airsoft Review Argentina With Acetech Muzzle Devices


Airsoft Review Argentina got some products from Acetech such as the Blaster, Brighter C, Brighter CS, and Acetech At2000R for a quick overview video... "I discovered the new Acetech Blaster, Acetech Brighter C, Acetech Brighter CS and Acetech AT2000R airsoft tracers for a Kriss Vector! Also look at the Acetech Lighter B."

Airsoft Review Argentina: G&G CM16 Raider


Airsoft Review Argentina reviews and already familiar AEG to many airsofters around the world, the CM16 Raider from G&G Armament... "Do you want to start playing airsoft and do not know which marker to buy? The G&G Armament CM16 Raider is a basic, inexpensive and easy to use model. In this video we test it to decide if it is what you are looking for."

Kamba Tactics Micro Chest Rig Review


Airsoft Review Argentina show this locally produced Micro Chest Rig in this video... "We are working on a new airsoft loadout and we received a Micro Chest Rig of the Coirón Modular System, manufactured in Argentina by Kamba Tactics. In this review we describe it piece by piece and tell you how it can be adapted to other vests and backpacks."

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG At


Airsoft Review Argentina are in the U.S.A to do visits and they drop by in California to check out what are on display. One of these is the LCT Airsoft RPD AEG... "Lucas from Airsoft Review Argentina was in the EVIKE store, got his RPD brand LCT and gave us his first impressions on this beautiful marker."

Zone Zero Airsoft Zombie Game


Airsoft Review Argentina got a footage of the "Zona Cero" or Zone Zero airsoft zombie game... "We covered the game type Airsoft Zombie Game "ZONE ZERO" made on September 16, night and with many zombies running around people, scaring them. Here we have pictures of some participants who were playing, share and meet! Airsoft Review Argentina A NEW VIDEO EVERY FRIDAY!

Airsoft Review Argentina: Russian Loadout


Airsoft Argentina finds an airsoft player in their area with a Russian loadout and interviews him how he was able to it together... "Russian-style loadouts are more and more common everyday. In this video we talk with Matías and he tells us about his gear."

Airsoft Review Argentina: ICS BLE Alpha


The ICS Black Leopard Eye Alpha Gas Blowback Pistol has now hit the shores of South America and Airsoft Review Argentina give their take on it (in Spanish)... "In this video we introduce the review and field test of the brand new ICS Black Leopard Eye Alpha, a gas blowback, polymer and aluminum airsoft pistol.

We thank PMC Airsoft Argentina for this pistol!"

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