Airtech Studios Spring Shims At Airsoft Atlanta


Available now at Airsoft Atlanta is a set of 4 Airtech Studios Spring Shims... "Spring Shims are used to alter the power of your AEG according to how much power you are looking for. The shims are designed to slide onto the spring guide inside the gearbox to create tension in the existing spring. The more shims, the more tension, thus resulting in more power.

Titan 11.1 LI-ION battery, Airtech Studios BEU & G&G ARP9


Find the results in the video from Rock Bottom Airsoft when he put to use the Titan 11.1 LI-ION battery and Airtech Studios BEU on the G&G ARP9 AEG... "In this video we take a look at 2 items. First up the Titan 11.1 3000mah LI-ION battery and secondly the Airtech Studios BEU. Together we will check if this will allow the use of LI-ION batteries in your G&G ARP9.

Airtech Studios Airsoft Gearbox Clips


Kronos Airsoft talkes about the airsoft gearbox clips by Airtech Studios to help you with the hassle of putting back gearboxes together again... "Don't you just hate re-assembling airsoft gearboxes? we know we do! good job airtech studios are here to save the day again."

Airtech ARP9 Battery Extension Unit


Find out more about the ARP9 Battery Extension Unit made by Airtech Studios in this episode of the Gun Gamers Speedsim series... "This week on SpeedSim, E House and Amy go over their brief thoughts on the Battery Extension Unit for the ARP series from Airtech Studios."

PatrolBase On The Airtech Studios BEU


Check ths Battery Extension Unit by the Airtech Studios designed for the Ares' Amoeba "Not A Honey Badger" series available at Patrolbase... "Airtech Studios - BEU Battery Extension Unit for AM-013/014/015 - Black is a battery compartment extender designed to fit the ARES Amoeba AM-013, AM-014 and AM-015 which allows the use of a wider range of larger batteries.

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