Nonocat 1 Minute Review: Armorer Works Deadpool 1911


Nonocat presents the Armorer Works/AW Custom Deadpool 1911 GBB Pistol that is of course, comes in Deadpool's red colour as well as showing the weather effect on the 1911 gas blowback pistol. It has the Deadpool markings as well. Better plan on getting the costume if you want to get one of these.

AW NE2201 GBB Pistol At Airsoft Taiwan


If you are looking where to source the AW Custom NE2201 Gas Blowback Pistol, you can visit the Airsoft Taiwan online store to check it out. This is the 1911 "Deadpool"-style GBB Pistol that comes weathered and made to look like the pistol used by Deadpool. It ha sa realistic mock firing pin mechanism and textured ergonomic pistol grips.

AW Custom Deadpool GBB Airsoft Review


Bruce tries on the Deadpool mask if he can be nasty like Ryan Reynolds for this review of the Armorer Works DEADPOOL pistol or the AW Custom NE2201 M1911 Red by BB2K Airsoft... "Today I'll show you a movie-inspired airsoft gun. The AW Custom NE2201 is a M911 that looks a lot like a deadpool gun. The Armorer Works M1911 Red comes as usual high quality, although the "used look" suggests otherwise ;-) I wish you much fun watching the review."

The Deadpool Themed Rifle Build


Deadpool fans must probably be wishing that somebody builds something similar like this. Strike Industries posted this video showing a Darkpool-themed AR build as done by Dark Alliance Firearms. Comes with a lot of engraving on the handguard, receiver, etc. Marking also says, "I’m just a bad guy that gets paid to fu** up worse guys."

Visit Dark Alliance Firearms here.

Deadpool DM870 Airsoft CO2 Shotgun


CRW-Airsoft shows a custom made Deadpool DM870 CO2 Shotgun which they made for a customer requesting for an airsoft shotgun that sports the Deadpool theme. As this is made with the Dominator International DM870 CO2 Shotgun, this is a realistic pump action shotgun with a CNC'd full steel receiver and can carry 4+1 shells that can ejected.

Verth Cosplay: Deadpool Airsoft


Verth Cosplay posted this video showing someone in a Deadpool costume with an airsoft rifle up on a wall. We were expecting to be some weird bloke who works for an airsoft company based in Denmark to be in that costume, but he was with us in Germany so it was impossible that this was him.

Whiskey Tango Firearms Deadpool Colt 1911


Here is something you wish some airsoft manufacturer or an airsoft gunsmith would make of, a custom Deadpool Colt 1911 Gas Blowback Pistol. The photos here are show a real steel custom Deadpool Colt 1911 as done by Whiskey Tango Firearms known for their custom paint jobs on firearms. We're pretty sure someone in Denmark who works for ASG would love to own one of these.

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