Taktik Airsoft's Action Army T11 Review


Taktik Airsoft got the Action Army T11 bolt action sniper rifle in stock and they give their take on this rifle which uses what they call an improved version of the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 system... "The T11 is the newest sniper rifle from Action Army Company. Renowned in the airsoft community for their sniper rifle upgrade parts, Action Army has taken their expertise and experience and applied it to a complete rifle.

LCT AK-12 & AK-15 EBBs At Taktik Airsoft


The electric blowback versions of tthe LCT AK-12 and AK-15 AEGs can be ordered from Taktik Airsoft and customers need to move fast as they are usually snapped up quickly... "LCT’s iteration of the new and modern AK-12 assault rifle entering service with the Russian army, this newest addition comes with full upper rail available over the dust cover as well as under the handguard, covering your needs for optics and grips by default.

Taktik Airsoft: How To Use A Hicap Magazine


More on the airsoft magazine series by Taktik Airsoft for beginners and they talk about using high capacity magazines... "This video gives a clear and comprehensive presentation on how to use a high capacity magazine in most airsoft. These are guidelines to use your highcap mag. Hope you guys enjoy this simple yet instructive video."

Loading An Airsoft Magazine With A BB Loader


Something for beginners to watch which is part of the Airsoft Magazine intro series by Taktik Airsoft and it's about loading an airsoft magazine with a BB loader or what we usually call a speedloader... "This video gives a clear and comprehensive presentation on how to use a bb loader with medium and low capacity magazine in most airsoft. These are guidelines on the loading your magazine with a bb loader. Hope you guys enjoy this simple yet instructive video."

Taktik Airsoft: Mag Introduction 101


Taktik Airsoft goes into introducing the airsoft magazines and this is the first part of their series designed for beginners as well as for veterans who might just want a refresher course... "This is a demonstration of Airsoft products. These are not real firearms in the sense of the law.

Introduction on how to load Airsoft magazines from high capacity medium capacity to gas magazines"

G&G Piranha MK1 GBB Pistol First Impressions


Taktik Airsoft does a first impressions video of the G&G Piranha MK1 Gas Blowback Pistol. An interesting pistol, it's lower can be used with the G&G SMC-9 kit and has a hop-up adjustment method via the muzzle using a dummy round adjustment tool... "Today we are doing an open box review of the G&G Piranha MK1 pistol by Taktik Airsoft."

Taktik Airsoft: Umarex Glock 19, 19x, 17& 18c


Four Umarex Glock Gas Blowback Pistols in one video. Taktik Airsoft of Montreal, Canada, takes a look at these fully licensed Glock Gas Blowback Pistols made by VFC for Umarex. If unsure of the differences amongst these, then better watch the video... "A short overview of the different Glock 19 19x 17 18c from Umarex VFC variants receved today."

"Why It's Worth Using Heavy BBs"


Will there be a better performance shooting with your airsoft gun when using heavier BBs? Taktik Airsoft of Montreal tackles this topic in this quick video... "A small video on a common question we get, sometimes you can get better performance out of your airsoft just by changing BB weight."

Umarex G28 Gas Blowback Rifle Test In Slow-Mo


A quick test of the fully licensed Umarex G28 Gas Blowback Rifle made by VFC in this Taktik Airsoft video... "Simple test video of the Umarex G28 GBBR by VFC. We wanted to calibrate the sights to make the airsoft as accurate as possible. This was asked by the client so our techs proceeded with calibrating the hop up with optic."

Gate Titan Installed In KWA Ronin T6


Taktik Airsoft installed the Titan MOSFET from GATE Electronics on the KWA Ronin T6 AEG and here is a test they did... "So some were asking what a Titan may add to an AEG. Below is a fresh install of the Gate Titan in the KWA Ronin T6. The Ronin is stock and we are running the Titan on binary trigger mode where every pull and release would fire the rifle independently. Beyond the binary trigger setting, having shot my fair share of VM4 series KWAs, this build was runny much faster than stock.

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