Airsoft Review Argentina With Acetech Muzzle Devices


Airsoft Review Argentina got some products from Acetech such as the Blaster, Brighter C, Brighter CS, and Acetech At2000R for a quick overview video... "I discovered the new Acetech Blaster, Acetech Brighter C, Acetech Brighter CS and Acetech AT2000R airsoft tracers for a Kriss Vector! Also look at the Acetech Lighter B."

L'Antre Du Dingo: AceTech Raider


A good review of the latest muzzle device from ACETech Raider by L'Antre Du Dingo. This unit does what new generation tracer units and muzzle flash generators from Acetech which the airsoft player can use just the tracer feature or the muzzle flash generaor or both. This should be available at airsoft retailers now.

Airsoft Mike's Acetech Raider Tracer Unit Unboxing


Airsoft Mike unboxes and gives an overview of the Acetech Raider, the latest muzzle device that is a tracer unit and a muzzle flash generator. Both features can be used at the same time and the muzzle flash generator makes gives some realism when firing an airsoft gun with the compatible thread.

BB2K Airsoft With The Acetech RAIDER


Acetech got another tracer and muzzle flash generator unit available with a new design that has a more aggressive look called the RAIDER. BB2K Airsoft got one to test out in this video review... "With the Raider, Acetech has brought a new Muzzle Flash Generator and Tracer onto the market that goes a step further in terms of optics.

PPC Airsoft: ACETech Tracer Lighter S


Due to special viewer request, PPC Airsoft gives his take on the ACETech Lighter S Tracer Unit. Available for some years now, this airsoft tracer unit is very compact and can be easily mounted on pistols without upsetting the balance when handling it... "Viewer request! Thank you very much. A number of tracers released by ACETECH. It can be said that it is a standard model among them. Result: The BB cost is high, but it shines so much that it is fun even in the daytime."

G&G GMG42 With integrated Muzzle Flash Generator


High marks for this mod done by TheMeta666 in integrating the AceTech Blaster internals to the G&G MG42 muzzle brake. It would be great to watch this in action especially during night airsoft games with both features, tracer and muzzle flash generator activated... "Internals from the AceTech Blaster Tracer Unit are integrated in the Muzzle Brake from this MG42 Airsoft gun...

I think it works great!"

Acetech Blaster Muzzle Flash-Tracer Unit At Airsoft Atlanta


Airsoft Atlanta finally got in stock the Acetech Blaster, a tracer unit and muzzle flash generator in one device... "The Acetech Blaster Muzzle Flash - Tracer Unit. Flashes muzzle fire and also is a tracer unit.  This has an awesome "flame effect" that shoots out the front of the muzzle when firing. Great for night effects. Small, metal, and compact for use on AEGs and pistols alike.

Acetech Brighter CS & Blaster Review


The "This is Callalily" YouTube channel reviews the Acetech Brighter CS & Blaster tracer units and both are availabe in the airsoft market. You might cringe at her trigger discipline though... "Hi guys, this is callalily! Let's try out Acetech's tracer units, Brighter CS and Blaster! It was super fun learning more about the tech behind these awesome tracers. I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie lol.

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