Airsoft CamMan's Ghillie Swamp Camo


Airsoft CamMan in action with his Ghillie Swamp Camo that makes even more stealthy... "Using my custom made ghillie suit to disappear into the swamp and taking out the opponents silently with my Wolverine Bolt Powered Novritsch SSG10 in my latest Airsoft Gameplay video."

The Most Expensive Airsoft Face Protection Reviewed


In this video, the Airsoft CamMan reviews four different types of face protection that are more expensive than the average ones. He gives his opinion on the quality, comfort, and protection of the the Lonestar Tactical Spec Ops, the NB Tactical Ghost Mask Fortis, and the Division Six T’Farge.

Installing The Silent Industries MTW Alpha Hop Unit


Watch the Airsoft Camman as he shows how to install the Silent Industries MTW Alpha Hop Unit in the video... "Installing the Silent Industries Alpha Hop Unit into a Wolverine MTW. The Silent Industries Hop Chamber is a popular choice for lots of MTW owners."

A Guide To The National Airsoft Festival


The Airsoft CamMan attended the National Airsoft Festival 2023 that took place at the end of August and posted a guide to help those who plan on attending next year. The National Airsoft Festival, originally known as the Ground Zero Weekender, is one of the longest running airsoft events in the world and attended by around 3000 players. It is one of those fun airsoft events that one should experience.

Airsoft CamMan At Holmans Test Mine


Airsoft CamMAn is all ghillied up again as he plays at Holmans Test Mine in the UK... "You join me at Holmans Test Mine. This place has 2 miles of man made underground tunnels as well as 30 acres of rocky hillside, and it's own quarry. I had a blast here. One of my favourite game locations so far of 2023."

Airsoft CamMan's ICS BLE ICP Review


Airsoft CamMan got the latest GBB pistol from the ICS Airsoft BLE handgun series, the ICP, and here is what he says about it... "Reviewing the ICP from ICS Airsoft. The new replica from ICS. Loaded with features and a special party trick up it’s sleeve. Let’s see what I think to it…"

Airsoft CamMan With The MAX Level Ghillie Suit


The Airsoft CamMan finds the MAX Level Ghillie Suit to be so good that got stepped on by someone who didn't know he was there... "My objective is to slow the Red Team's advance as they attack my team mates in the FOB. I use my near silent Wolverine MTW and ghillie suit to disappear and cause confusion and fear to my opponents."

Airsoft CamMan With His Silent Airsoft Stealth Rifle


Find out what the Airsoft CamMan brought to a game to troll other players... "A rainy wet day at Battleground Airsoft using the Wolverine MTW Billet 10”. This replica is the perfect way to troll your enemies. With barely any sound, they have no idea where they are being taken out from.

The Blue Team take on the Red Team to recapture a village in the woods. I went Ghillie’less but still used an element of stealth to complete the objective."

Tanks During Imperium Airsoft's Ground War Day


One of the best ways to spice up at airsoft event is by adding armour. Airsoft CamMan was at Imperium Airsoft's Ground War Day and got to see tanks used for the game... "You join me at Imperium Airsoft’s Ground War day. A mixture of objective based gameplay over challenging terrain.

This is not your usual game though. There are TANKS and other military vehicles to use to manoeuvre you and your team over the massive game field."

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