DesertFox Airsoft: Competitive Speedsoft League


DesertFox Airsoft checks out a competitive league for speedsofters as he vists Extreme Airsof in Rhode Island... "While visiting Extreme Airsoft I was able to watch a Competitive Speedsoft League or CSL tournament, talk with its players, and with the lead organizer Keegan."

Wolverine Airsoft Heretic Labs Article 1


Gambit talks about the Wolverine Airsoft Heretic Labs Article 1 in this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV). The Heretic Labs presents the Article 1, a HPA speedsoft gun that reimagines performance by shedding traditional mil-sim constraints. Its lightweight, rugged MTW CNC billet aluminum receiver features a streamlined design, and a genuine carbon fiber outer barrel ensures agility.

The Ultimate Speedsoft Hi-Capa Build Guide


Do you want to build one and use it to be more effective at speedsoft match ups? Watch this vdeo from Valiant Airsoft... "I'm a wizard, Harry. Learn how to build, upgrade and assemble an airsoft hi-capa from start to finish every step of the way."

Valiant Airsoft: Pro SpeedSoft Tournament Gameplay


Another Speedsoft tournament for Valiant Airsoft and he got footage of the action that took place... "We're back with full airsoft tournament rounds from the KWA Fight Night SoCal regional. This event gave players the opportunity to earn a spot in the fight night season 3 tournament bracket where we will be competing for 10,000. In this video I am using my custom hi-capa & ESG from LA Capa Customs."

Pro Speedsoft Tournament Gameplay


Valiant Airsoft has some uncut Speedsoft tourney gameplay videos for you to watch how a match unfolds... "I haven't done this in a while, but you guys REALLY liked it last time so here we go again. FULL SpeedQB tournament rounds from the last SpeedQB Limited Tournament at Project N1 in El Monte, CA. This is as close to a tip guide as you will get from me until I'm done competing, and you can learn some valuable information if you're paying attention as far as setups, routes and how to react."

Mancraft PSS CNC Speedsoft Marker


Mancraft announces the Mancraft PSS and claims it is the first 100% CNC Speedsoft marker on the market... "Presenting our latest baby, Mancraft PSS, first on the market 100% CNC T7075 T6 Speedsoft marker conversion. A complete solution that consist of:

Airsoftjunkiez Expert Polarstar F2 SpeedSoft Build


Airsoftjunkiez prides itself in building HPA airsoft guns for speedsofters. In this video they posted in June, they feature their Expert Speedsoft builds for those who need more speed in an adrenalin-packed competitive airsoft discipline... "New Airsoftjunkiez Expert Polarstar F2 Speed Soft build with AirTac Gen 3 upper and Monk Aluminum ESG grip."

Understanding Speedsoft By Playing It


Simply Aritz tries playing Speedsoft to understand it better in this episode... "Different airsoft gameplay, it helped me to understand that speedsoft is not about running at full speed on Sundays behind the players. It has its own world and today I show it to you! hahaha, I spent a whole weekend testing the speedsoft and I found it brutal."

How To Build A Beginner Speedsoft Loadout


More on the Airsoft 101 session with Storm by Defrowe Airsoft as they talk about Speedsoft loadouts for beginners... "Planning your first speedsoft loadout? Watch this video to get advice from our team of airsoft specialists. Our panel provides invaluable insights to help you create a loadout that is both efficient and comfortable, from choosing the appropriate gear and equipment to comprehending the particular challenges and requirements of speedsoft gameplay.

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