"7 Types of Airsofters I Love"


USAirsoft got some love for these types of airsofters. Are you in one of these types? Find out in the video... "We need these kinds of players in our game just like we need many more. In my opinion, these are the very best types of airsofters I love having at any field. They help the beginners, they help the veterans, and they always help keep our game wholesome and on track in a positive way.

Infamous Airsoft: 7 New Types Of Airsofters


Infamous Airsoft says there are 7 new types of airsofters. So what are these? Find out in his video (in Spanish)... "A different look to the wonderful characters that make up this beautiful hobby called Airsoft. If you are starting or have been playing for years, you can quickly recognize any of these characters that brighten up our game days with their Fails.

Tactical Shirts: 8 Types Of Airsofters


There are airsofters and there are airsofters. But acccording to Tactical Shirts Airsoft of Spain, there are 8 types of airsofters. Find out if you are an Immortal, Rambo, The Camper, or the Speedsofter in the video they posted on YouTube. And the types sound nice when they are said Spanish.

The Top 5 Types Of Airsoft Players


Another Top 5 list on YouTube from AirsoftWarfareHD and it's about the top 5 types of airsofters. We never there many types of airsoft players that there is a need to find out the top 5. Watch the video if you agree with the list or you find yourself to be one top 5 types... "These are the 5 types of Airsoft players you will or have come across while playing in the field."

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