How To Use A Thunder V2 Sound Grenade


A quick tutorial from Valken showing you how to use their Valken Thunder V2 CO2 Sound Simulation Grenade... "The Valken Thunder V2 Co2 Sound Simulation Grenade Core is the next generation of Valken Thunder V sound grenades. This airsoft simulation grenade core is powered by a single 12g Co2 cartridge, and emits noise only when used in conjunction with a single use shell (sold separately).

Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade


A quick look at the new Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade... "Airsoft Innovations is proud to launch the Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade. This Xtreme device uses super common powder nail driving cartridges (NOT BLANKS) to give some of the LOUDEST bangs in airsoft! It uses our simple and reliable 3-position selectable timer, full metal construction, it's super easy to use, and doesn't require any maintenance!

Airsoft Station: Airsoft Innovations Bang 22


Still another video posted by Airsoft Station from the SHOT Show 2020, the new Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 sound grenade. We'll be seeing more of these in the field so be prepared to get jolted whenn someone lobs one at you during a game... "A new grenade on the market. The Airsoft inovations Bang 22. Named so because it uses .22 cal blanks and it goes Bang!"

Hakkotsu Thunder Devil At 18 Airsoft


18 Airsoft announce that the Hakkotsu Thunder Devil Sound Grenade from APS is now available in 3-shell or 12-shell packs with main core and you can order the S-type Shell Pack of 12 pieces if you need more. The shells are disposable and the sound grenade is CO2 powered. This can eb attached to a tactical vest or jacket and is designed like the contemporary grenades being used in the military.

How To Reload AI XL Burst Grenade


After an overview of the Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Impact Sound Grenade, Amped Airsoft move on to their Pleb to Pro series where they show you how to reload it... "Pleb to Pro: How to Series is a series of instructional videos from Amped Airsoft helping players from all walks of the game with questions they have regarding Airsoft! Stay tuned for more helpful info!

AI XL Burst Grenade First Look By ZShot


ZShot announce that they finally have the new Airsoft Innovations XL Burst Sound Grenade available to deliver to their retailers and this is their first look video... "It's finally out! The Airsoft Innovations XL Burst 'Distraction Device'. Infinitely reusable and inexpensive to reload, this is going to be your perfect airsoft companion when you are getting ready to pull a Solid Snake!

As always, have fun, be safe, and love the game."

FFA: Valken Thunder B Grenade Review


Femme Fatale Airsoft goes loud with a review of the Valken Thunder B Shocker Sound CO2 Grenade for airsoft games... "Anyone who has played Airsoft with me knows I love using Pyrotechnics in game, whether it is a Solid state BFG such as the TRMR or the SWAT VTG, TAG round or a disposable bang, sometimes they are the difference between gaining entry to a tricky to access room or a stalemate, the difference between winning and losing.

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