Bullgear KIT Box Magazine At Airsoftjunkiez


The Bullgear KIT Box Magazine which is 2,500-rd box magazine for M249 AEGs is available at Airsoftjunkiez. This has been designed for fast box magazine change and with its wiring design there is no wires outside of the box that need to disconnected... "Airsoftjunkiez custom Bullgear Box mag & wiring kits are available now."

More On The TAGinn Restock At Airsoftjunkiez


Better get your TAGinn pyros at Airsoftjunkiez before they run out of stock again as customers are grabbing theirs as they prepare for the next Milsim event such as OLCMSS Operation Fire Storm taking place this weekend... "Huge TAGinn restock.  Place your pre-orders for Op Fire Storm at Elkin or for your next Milsim event."

More TAGinn Stuff Arriving At Airsoftjunkiez


It looks like their customers can't get enough of the TAGinn pyros and dummy projectiles for milsim use that they had to order more. Airsoftjunkiez announce that they are expecting more deliveries to keep up with the demand... "More TAGinn products coming in next week.  Place your pre orders for your next milsim event."

Airsoftjunkiez & TCA To Join Operation Firestorm


Both the crews of Airsoftjunkiez and Third Coast Airsoft will be at the Operation Lion Claws' Operation Firestorm event that will take place on the 16-18 of April in Elkin, North Carolina. For those joining the event, they remind that that they can order HPA BBs as well as TAGinn pyros and dummy projectiles from them to use at the event.

Click here to learn more about the event.

First Strike HERO2 15/4500 Carbon Fiber XLP Tank SLP


Airsoftjunkiez is shipping out the First Strike HERO2 15/4500 Carbon Fiber XLP Tank to those who have pre-ordered. If you want yours, try to place an order as the page still indicates it's on pre-order again... "System is compatible with all common 13ci Air in Stocks available on the market today. Shot count isn’t the only great thing about this air system, lighten your loadout by over 3 ounces when switching from its aluminum 13cu 3000psi counterpart.

Airsoftjunkiez: Action Army AAP-01 & Primary Airsoft Adapters In Stock


The hot selling Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol and the Primary Airsoft Adapters are back in stock at Airsoftjunkiez. The AAP-01 is a highly customisable GBB Pistol if you get the proper kit to customise it and the Primary Airsof Adapter allows you on install an HPA-tapped M4 AEG magazines into gas blowback pistols, giving you more rounds to use in a game.

Airsoftjunkiez HPA TM MP7 Kits Available


Those who have been waiting for these HPA kits made by PolarStar with Airsoftjunkiez for the Tokyo Marui MP7, they can order now as they're back in stock... "Airsoftjunkiez HPA TM MP7 kits are finally in. All preorders will ship out as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience."

Airsoftjunkiez HPA TM MP7 Kit 02


TAGinn ML-36 Care & Maintenance Video By Airsoftjunkiez


For owners of the TAGinn ML-36 airsoft grenade launcher, they can follow this overview, care and maintenance video that has been produced by Airsoftjunkiez. Based in Norcross, Georgia in the U.S., Airsoftjunkiez is one of the biggest stockists of TAGinn pyros and dummy grenades as well as launchers for airsoft use... "Airsoftjunkiez TAGinn ML36 overview, break down, care & maintenance.

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