Hi-Capa 5KU Lightweight Aluminium Frame Install


Angry Bull discusses the potential benefits of upgrading to the Hi Capa 5KU Lightweight Aluminium Frame. This frame, constructed from CNC 7075 Aluminum, features an anodized matte finish and a 2011 marking. With an approximate length of 160mm and a 20mm bottom rail, it also boasts an improved hammer housing version. This version includes a stainless steel sear, valve knocker, and pin set. Notably, this frame is suitable for the Marui Hi-capa gas blow back pistol.

WE Airsoft Glock Series Replacement Lower Frame Tutorial


RST Airsoft in Taiwan got this video showing how one can replace the lower frame of the a WE Airsoft Glock-style GBB pistol... "Today, the RST or Red Star survival game store will teach you how to repair/replace/modify WE GLOCK Series Replacement Lower Frame Tutorial Basic Modification."

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