Odin M12 SpeedLoader PTS Version


The Odin M12 Sidewinder Loader is a popular and innovative speedloader that it has been copied by others. PTS Syndicate has partnered with Odin Innovations and they came up with a PTS version that does not use an O-ring... "Are you tired of struggling with traditional BB loaders that often jam and slow down your airsoft gameplay? Look no further! We're thrilled to introduce the latest innovation in airsoft accessories: the Odin M12 BB Sidewinder.

Blowback Masters Hi-Capa Adapter For Odin Sidewinder Speedloader


Wyhaq features the Hi-Capa adapter for Odin Sidewinder speed loader from Blowback Masters to speed up the loading of Hi-Capa gas magazines... "Today, this video is a review on the brand new product from blowback masters: the hicapa adapter for odin sidewinder speed loaders. This speed loader adapter is significantly faster than traditional speed loaders and there is no gaps in magazine. The adapter is compatible with all gas blowback hicapa airsoft pistol replica green gas magazines."

The Fastest Way To Load Your GBBR Mags


Ollie Talks Airsoft found an adapter for the Odin Sidewinder speedloader to help you load your Gas Blowback Rifle Magazines like the Tokyo Marui AKM and MWS GBBRs... "So this is something that's going to save us all a lot of time and stress looking for the little pistol adaptors to load your GBBR Mags, well don't worry Airsoft Tailoring have you covered."

Odin Innovations HPA Shotgun First Look


It's good news for airsoft shotgun lovers this year as another option might be available this year following the new shotguns from Airsoft Innovations and Tokyo Marui. c7viper! gives a quick look at an upcoming shell-ejecting HPA-powered airsoft gun that is being developed Odin Innovations... "This airsoft gun is insane. Odin Innovations Jordan is at it again!"

Kraken Airsoft On The Odin Speedloader


Kraken Airsoft stresses that every airsoft player needs the Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader in this video... "Today we discuss a super important piece of equipment that I believe every airsofter should own! The Odin speed loader! It saves so much time out on the field!"

"The Best Airsoft Speedloader?"


Lone Tree Milsim takes a look at the Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader which has been the market for some years now and has been copied by others. He tries to find out if this is the best speedloader for airsoft guns or it there are already some better ones out there.

EMG Edition Odin M12 Sidewinder Speedloader


Available at Evike.com is the EMG Edition Odin M12 Sidewinder Speedloader, so rest assured it is not a rip-off the original... "YES, The EMG Edition Odin M12 Sidewinder Speedloader in Drama Free Blue with Matrix Magazine Adapter will load your Mp5 mags at super speed.

NO....it will not make them float....

Check out the MP5 Adapter, as well as AK and G36 options available right now at Evike.com."

Airsoftjunkiez Odin M12 Adapter Test


How durable are the Odin M12 Sidewinder Speedloader Adapters available at Airsoftjunkiez? A stress test video can help you decide if they are what they are claimed to me. These are 3D-printed adapters made from premium quality ABS/Polycarbonate plastic and feature a design that locks into the M12 speed loader. There are different adapters made to fit different magazine types.

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