KSC KTR-03 Sawed-off Modernized AK Custom System 7 GBB Rifle


Ozashiki Tactical shows his KSC KTR-03 Sawed-off Modernized AK Custom System 7 GBB Rifle in this video. This comes with custom contents that enhance its functionality and aesthetics. These include an EOTech type EXPS3 holo sight replica that provides a clear and accurate target view. The 5KU Zenit RK-6 style AK foregrip, painted in black steel, offers a comfortable and firm grip for the user. The WoSporT two-point adjustable sling in OD color allows for easy carrying of the weapon.

AST New Video and New Products


A bunch of goodies are available right now at the Airsoft Taiwan online store. They have RA-Tech Custom WE AAC300 12.5-inch version and the XR-25 EC Gas Blowback from Rare Arms. As for pre-order announcements these are about the OB Studio T91 GBB, the SOCOM Gear Shell-Ejecting Barrett M107 and the ESD High Flow Valve and Hight Stability Flute Valve. Also included in this video is a preview of the KWA KTR-03S GBB.



Now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft, Tim reviews the KSC KTR-03 GBBR System 7 Two... "This isn’t just another AK as the real steel custom gun company, Krebs Custom Guns, made a few alterations using the AK Saiga receiver as a baseline. This is how the KTR-03S was born, and Tim is here to tell you all about the Airsoft counterpart!"

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