AMNB Boomstick Porn: SEK-Inspired SIG MCX


Chris Bravo writes how he  put together a SEK-Inspired SIG MCX in this Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) article... "For this Boomstick Porn presentation, I’ve chosen a setup I saw the other day in use by a SEK (SpezialEinsatzKommando or SonderEinsatzKommando) operator during a raid somewhere in Germany.

Laylax Custom VFC MCX & Krytac PDW


USAirsoft checks out two AEGs, the Laylax Custom VFC MCX & Krytac PDW with Ryan of Laylax International... "We filmed A LOT of stuff while we were in Japan for the 5th Krytac Owner's Meeting and that includes a few short build videos and here's the first one from the Laylax HQ in Osaka!

For this showcase, we have a beautiful VFC Sig MCX and an always reliable Krytac PDW fully decked out with Laylax goodies.

Laylax Barrel Supporter For VFC MCX AEG


Muddy Reviews checks the Laylax Barrel Supporter for the VFC MCX AEG if it is something he can recommend to owners... "Hey everybody welcome back to another episode of Muddy Reviews, in this video, we are checking out another Laylax/First Factory item for the VFC SIG AIR PRO Airsoft MCX AEG and this is yet again another upgrade that should have been from the factory. In this review, we are checking out the Laylax Steel Barrel Supporter upgrade for your MCX Airsoft TOY.

Toxicant Airsoft MCX Kit For Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB


JK Army demonstrates a prototype Toxicant Airsoft MCX Kit for Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB. For those who can't wait for an official SIG Air ProForce MCX GBB Rifle to be released, then they can opt for this if they're ready to get their hands ready to do some modding on their Tokyo Marui M4 MWS GBB Rifle.

Is The SIG Air MCX AEG Worth The Price Tag?


Admin Airsoft gives his thoughts on the SIG Air ProForce MCX AEG made by VFC if it is worth your hard-earned money. Feel free to give your thoughts as well if you agree with him or not... "Having used this replica for about a year now, I wanted to give my thoughts on the Sig Sauer MCX. Is it worth the price tag?"

More On The MCX MWS Custom Gas Blowback Rifle


Landing Zone HK, an airsoft CQB game facility located in Kwun Tong in Hong Kong, got to interview Ivan Tong, the man behind the custom MCX Gas Blowback Rifle that is based on the Tokyo Marui MWS System. He talks about why he did the project as well as the parts use used to put this together.

Airsoft GI Premium Custom Typhoon MCX AEG


Another Custom Typhoon from Airsoft GI in this video. Cisco presents the Airsoft GI Premium Custom Typhoon MCX which players can order from their store online or offline... "You asked to see more of the Airsoft GI Premium Typhoon Line and we aim to please! In this video we are taking a look at the Premium Typhoon MCX! This beautiful custom is not just another SIG Air MCX!

VFC Sig Sauer MCX HPA Edition


Tom's Airsoft Channel gets his hands on the HPA-powered VFC Sig Sauer MCX. The engine it uses the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno HPA Gen 2 Engine with the power adjustable from approx. 1.0-2.2J. The German edition is distributed by GSG... "Today I can introduce you to the VFC SIg Sauer MCX HPA. This model is currently only available in Germany. I had to get this model right away."

Ivan Tong's SIG MCX MWS Gas Blowback Rifle Project


We have watched a quick shooting test video of the SIG MCX Gas Blowback Project of Ivan Tong and this uses the Tokyo Marui MWS gas blowback system. This time he posts a longer video... "A lot of you guys might be wondering how does the gas blow back MCX shoots. Instead of just dry firing at home, I have decided to bring this little bad boy to the range. Enjoy!"

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