Mach Sakai: Maruzen CA870 Sawed-Off Shotgun


Mach Sakai checks out one of the variants in the CA870 airsoft shotguns series made by Maruzen, the CA870 Sawed-Off shotgun. It is a pump-action airsoft shotgun with a nylon fibre material and faux wood finish. Maagazine has a capacity of 40 BB rounds and also has a hop-up. This is available at reputable airsoft sellers worldwide.

Classic Army CA870 Breacher At Venture Shop


Classic Army got its own spring shotguns series and the Ventue Shop in Brazil got one to show you the CA870 Breacher... "For today's review we brought a weapon simply impeccable! If you like equipment with a more sophisticated and high performance footprint, drop the video to see the Classic Army M870 Breacher in action!"

Mach Sakai: Maruzen CA870 Charger Shotgun


Mach Sakai takes out the Mach Maruzen CA870 Charger Shotgun which has been available in the airsoft market for years now. Based on the Remington 870, this is a spring powered airsoft shotgun that comes with folding M4 stock. Mainly plastic with a few bits of metal parts, there are no sights but you can mount optics on it.

Airsoft Atlanta: Classic Army S013W CA870


More Classic Army airsoft shotguns in stock at Airsoft Atlanta, with the latest being the Classic Army S013W CA870 Tactical... "The Classic Army S013W CA870 Shotgun is a tactical style wood stock spring action airsoft shotgun. Full metal and a solid shooter. Single shot per pump (not a tri-shot). Mag holds 20 rounds and has an initial muzzle velocity of 450fps."

Airsoftology: Classic Army CA870 Shotguns


Check out the variants of the Classic Army CA870 Airsoft Shotguns that Jonathan Higgs features in this Airsoftology review... "A full metal airsoft shotgun that shoots like a sniper rifle? Yep, Classic Army has delivered the holy grail of scatterguns.. but is there a catch???"

Airsoft Atlanta: CA CA870 Shotgun Wood


Airsoft Atlanta got a big batch of airsoft gun deliveries from Classic Army and one of these is the CA870 Shotgun with the Wood furniture... "The Classic Army S012W CA870 Shotgun is a police style wood stock spring action airsoft shotgun. Full metal and a solid shooter. Single shot per pump (not a tri-shot). Mag holds 20 rounds."

Mach Sakai: Maruzen CA870 Tactical Shotgun


Mach Sakai goes shotgun again as he reviews the Marizen CA870 Tactical Shotgun. He says that it's accuracy is high and it will work well in an airsoft skirmish as it is easy to fire. There is no magazine catch button and it's easy to swap magazines. The magazine is lightweight and inexpensive so he recommends having several with you in a game.He equipped this shotgun with a new hop-up.

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