Airsoft Barracks Noob Day 2022


Combat Casual Airsoft got some footage of what took place during the Airsoft Barracks 4th Annual Noob Day at took place in Jacksonville, Florida. As its title says, this event is more of formal way to introducing newbies to airsoft... "Airsoft Gameplay from Noob Day hosted by Airsoft Barracks. Noob Day is a yearly event held by Airsoft Barracks where your +1 gets in for free. Here's some gameplay from the day that had 300+ players registered."

Noob Day 2022: Pistols Only Battle Royale


Another footage from Noob Day 2022 hosted by ACS Airsoft showing a pistols only battle royale game... "What happens when NOOBDAY 2022 Players take part in a massive pistols only battle royal where there can only be one winner? Find out in this highlight reel of the special game mode sponsored by Elite Force."

Airsoft Sniper Kid At Noob Day 2017


Another video of DesertFox Airsoft taken from the Bad Karma Noob Day 2017 and a budding airsoft sniper joins him... "Today I'm airsoft sniping at Bad Karma Airsoft Field for Noob Day 2017 in Lebanon, Tennessee. The airsoft sniper rifle I am using is the ASG M40A3 airsoft sniper rifle. Using my ASG M40A3 airsoft sniper rifle as well is Jackson. Jackson is a fan I met at the field who wanted to try my ASG M40A3, so I let him. Turns out he's a pretty good shot."

New Sale, Noob Day, & Enola Gaye Giveaway


For the weekend news from, they report about the event they sponsored, which is the Noob Day 2015 by Bad Karma. Plus, they have reminders for you not to forget their ongoing Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade Giveaway, and their "Whattheluck" promo which ends this weekend. Also, they are having a new sale in celebration of their website launch soon, so stay tuned.

Bad Karma Airsoft 9th Noob Day


Bad Karma airsoft are now preparing for the 9th Noob Day which will take place in March. Gnarkill says more aboout the event. Interested players and vendors who want to sponsor the event can contact him now... "Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season. It's that time of year were we start planning for BAD KARMA'S NOOB DAY extravaganza. It's our 9th year and again like last year I've been put in charge of rounding up sponsors and vendors.

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