DNA XM16E1 (603Early) Gas Blowback Rifle At Bang Bang HK


Collectors of early variants of the M16 rifle can check enquire at Bang Bang Big Boys Store in Hong Kong aboout the DNA XM16A1 (603Early) GBBR that they have in stock. Only HK-residents can order from their store... "XM16E1 is the first M16 series to be put into the VN war. It is the first "03" type M16 of the US military. 03 refers to the "increase aid" so this is only an early 603 MOD.

DNA XM177 E2 GBB Rifle Now At Bang Bang


The DNA XM177E2. Mod 629 GBB Rifle is now in stock at the Bang Bang Big Boys Store in Hong Kong... "This hard-kicking GBB rifle is a faithful replication of the Real Steel XM177 E2 with aluminum stock and with a beautifully replicated flash hider. It has Lovely metal clinking sound when you are extending the stock. It has classic mod629 furnitures and has a muzzle velocit of approxomately 400FPS which us adjustable.

DNA XM177E2. Mod 629 At Bang Bang


Bang Bang Big Boys Store got in stock the DNA XM177E2. Mod 629 GBB Rifle that uses the new VFC system available to order. This can be ordered by Hong Kong residents only, but you can be creative if you are from overseas... "Faithful Replication of the Real Steel XM177 E2 with aluminum stock, beautifully replicated flash hider and gives a lovely metal clinking sound when you are extending the stock.

DNA M16A1 MOD613 GBBR At RedWolf


RedWolf Airsoft is carrying the DNA M16A1 MOD613 Gas Blowback Rifle. It looks like it is a sought after GBBR even for its price of US$1,099.99 as it is immediately out of stock. Interested buyers can contact RedWolf Airsoft for availability... "The M16 has long be the symbol of the United States and her armed forces for much of the modern era.

"Green Smoke Destroys Zombie DNA?"


If Enola Gaye are right with this, then airsoft players better stock up on lots of green smokes which are available from them. As we go through the days of October and nearing Halloween, more and more zombies will be coming out for brains. With the first line of defence being airsoft players at various game sites, green smoke grenades should be adequately supplied to them. So don on the gas mask and lob `em green smoke `nades when the hordes arrive.

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