Taiwan's Army Set To Receive New Domestically Developed T112 Assault Rifle

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XT-112 Rifle by Kglrf429 (Wikimedia)

The Taiwan Army is poised to enhance its combat capabilities with the acquisition of 25,000 T112 assault rifles in 2025. According to Focus Taiwan, the English language arm of the Central News Agency (CNA), this new armament is a significant upgrade from the current T91 and T65K2 models and is slated for distribution to the forces in the upcoming year.

The T112 was initially presented in its prototype stage, known as the XT112, at the Taipei Aerospace & Defense Industry Exhibition in 2023 (TADTE 2023). After a successful operational trial in November that year, the rifle was refined based on feedback from the field.

The Armaments Bureau disclosed that the refinements were aimed at augmenting the rifle's ergonomics and usability. Enhancements included modifications to the magazine release button and an advanced sight equipped with a rangefinder.

The T112, designed entirely by Taiwanese engineers, offers multiple improvements over earlier models. Lieutenant Lee Chien-ting, involved in the development, emphasized the rifle's enhanced precision, attributed to a thicker, polygonal barrel that also extends the weapon's service life to 10,000 rounds, a notable increase from the 6,000-round lifespan of its predecessors.

A notable feature of the T112 is its ambidextrous design, accommodating both right and left-handed soldiers with accessible controls such as the selector lever, magazine release, and cocking handle latch on both sides of the firearm.

Prominent Taiwan-based YouTube airsoft channel, 4UAD Smart Airsoft, was able to take a close look at it during the Taipei Aerospace Defense Technology Exhibition 2023 :

The T112 is equipped with a Picatinny rail atop the receiver, conforming to international standards and enabling soldiers to attach a variety of tactical gear, including grenade launchers, advanced sights, and laser aiming devices, tailored to their operational requirements.

The rifle's foregrip houses an integrated retractable bipod, offering solid support for shooting from a low stance. It also includes a translucent magazine that allows for quick ammunition checks and is made from a robust composite material, enhancing reliability and resistance to jamming compared to the aluminium magazines of older models.

Completing the T112's design is a dual-purpose flash suppressor. It not only minimizes muzzle flash but also incorporates indentations for use as an impromptu tool for tasks such as breaching, wire cutting, or hand-to-hand combat. This versatile flash suppressor, once an optional addition, will now come standard on all T112 rifles.


Top photo:  XT-112 by Kglrf429 (Wikimedia)

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