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Mach Sakai: SRC XM8 XR8-2 AEG

If you have been looking for an XM8 AEG, you'll have to find the SRC XM8 XR8 AEG. It is the best XM8 in the market and this uses a Version 3 Gen 2 gearbox with 8mm bushings and reinforced steel gears. Like the G36K, it comes with its own scope. Mach Sakai checks it out for externals, operations, and performance in this quick video review. IWA 2018: SRC XM8

SRC are releasing new AEGs for this year and they will be adding more variants to their XM8 AEG Series. visit their booth to learn more at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018... "Here is a video with products from SRC Airsoft who will be released this year (2018). One of their highlights is the XM8 series."

Custom XM8 Gas Blowback Rifle Project

Check this custom XM8 Gas Blowback Rifle that is built by BadaBing Pictures as quick test fire video gets posted on YouTube... "A very quick video, test firing the XM8 Gas Blow Back Rifle that I’ve been building (on and off) for about 7 years. It’s built upon the WE G39C/999C GBB and using the GWS XM8 AEG Body Kit (No longer produced)."

Custom H&K XM8 GBBR Mk3 Teaser

A teaser video of the Custom HK XM8 Gas Blowback Rifle by BadaBing Pictures... "A quick teaser of something I've been working on for the past 4 years. It's a little rough, you'll have to excuse me. This is the third version and it features GWS XM8 electric gun kit mounted on a heavily modified WE G36 GBB upper receiver.

Booligan's Classic Customs: Well XM8

Yeah, Booligan Airsoft is right. We actually know more of JLS (we don't know what happened to them) which made the first XM8 AEG (and even the first FN SCAR-L AEG), than the XM8 version from Well. At least Booligan still has his custom WELL XM8 with him... "Few people remember Well. Fewer remember that they made an XM8. Let's take a look at my custom version which has been hanging on my wall for a while now!"

TSD Tactical Gen II "XM8" AEG Gray

Big Boys Toys Airsoft in N.C., USA is now offering the XM8 from TSD Tactical... "High-end options for a mid-range price, that is what the TSD Tactical Gen II AEG is about. Not to mention an unprecedented TSD 60-day Warranty and TM compatibility. TSD and SRC are working together to bring to market an AEG that comes standard with all the following features: