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Video Games

RWTV: Video Games Versus Reality

What's Marck's take on video games given that many airsoft players are gamers too? Find out in this episode of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "A lot of airsofters are probably gamers. Let’s face it, we may do really good in video games; but in real life, we may not be as cool as we think we are."

"How Do Video Games Affect Airsoft?"

The BB Warrior makes the case the video games have a larger influence on airsoft as based on the airsoft guns released that coincide with the release of FPS games. It has been without question that video games do influence airsoft but to what extent? Watch the video below to find out if you agree or not: Airsoft Buying Guide

In between airsoft skirmishes, many airsoft players play first person shooter games, so Airsplat obliges with their new service... "Check out our new Gamers Airsoft Buyers Guide for guns from many popular video games. We've got Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Counter-Strike...just to name a few. You can get ready to battle like Solid Snake with a M4 carbine and MP7 as your sidearm. Or you can mix and match to create your own character. Check it out!"