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Infamous Airsoft: Echo1 Troy TRX10

Infamous Airsoft gets to use the Echo1 Troy TRX10 AEG for the first time in a gameplay where he gives a commentary on how it performs. Turn on the language caption again for this to follow the commentary... "An interesting Gameplay/Review of this electric variant M4 ... It is said that it is my first experience with this platform.

Weatherproof, Dustproof PRC-152 Replica

YZH announced that a new Troy product is coming out. This time it's a PRC-152 radio which is dustproof, weatherproof, and shockproof which may surprise a lot of us looking for a cheaper but durable replica. It has the 6-pin connector and equipped with a large capacity lithium battery and also designed specifically for the original Kenwood connector.

Interested dealers can contact YZH in placing orders.

G&P TROY 9-Inch Battle Rifle at eHobby Asia

Now in stock at eHobby Asia is this G&P Troy 9-Inch Battle Rifle which you can get it for US$348.00. The Troy Battle Rail and Flashider are all fully licensed and supplied by MadBull Airsoft and out of the box the initial muzzle velocity is 350fps on .20g BBs. To clarify, the Flashider is the licensed Noveske KX3. More details below:

G&P Features:

G&P 10-Inch Fire Pig Silver Barrel Version

Silver Barrel Version of the Fire Pig AEG by G&P which is now in stock at eHobby Asia for US$388.00. This AEG is put together using various parts licensed by some of the well known real steel manufacturers as such Noveske, Troy, VLTOR, Tango Down, and Knights Armament. You can power this with up to 11.1v 1200mah LiPo battery which can be installed in the stock tube.

Echo1 Troy M4 Series & Magpul AKM at Evike announce that they have the Echo1 USA Airsoft Troy M4 Series available and Magpul PTS AKM Masada to order. They also provide two videos about these AEGs giving you a walkthrough in high definition. If interested in getting any of these (or all of these), more links to their product pages below so check them out:

Troy TRX & VTAC Extreme Battlerails Back

Interested retailers can now contact MadBull Airsoft as they have restocked on the Troy & VTAC Extreme Battlerails, which probably you'll have to contact Jag Precision on this... "Licensed Troy Industries TRX and Viking Tactics Extreme BattleRails are back in stock at Madbull HQ after selling out in record time. Arriving soon at your local Airsoft retailer.

MadBull TRX Extreme BattleRail Review

Adam Bower of Airsoft Outlet Northwest sends in their latest review, which covers the MadBull Troy TRX Extreme BattleRail... "As anyone who has used an AR15 knows, if you add a huge rail system, steel gas block and sight, the front end can get quite heavy. On my first AR, it only took a few range trips for me to decide that I needed to cut weight off of it.

Daniel Defense Licensed 4" Lite Rail Kit

Better check your retailers if they already have this MadBull Airsoft product in stock... "The innovative Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail 4.0 system gives the weapon system an uninterrupted upper rail platform and also allows the Armorer to install the rail system with simplified alignment to the upper receiver. Not only does this battle proven system provide features that no other rail system possesses, but it is also the lightest rail system available.

New MadBull Airsoft VTAC & Troy BattleRails

New BattleRails under Troy Industries and VTAC to be released by MadBull Airsoft. These have three bonus quick-attach rail segments and available in 7", 9", 11", and 13" lengths. Check with your retailers regarding pricing and availability as it has not been indicated when they will be finally in stock at airsoft retailers near you.

"TRX BattleRail

Troy Battle Ax CQB Stock at SKDTac

What caught our attention of this product at SKDTac is it's generous in space for storing tools for those using gas blowback rifles, but it'll benefit AEG users more as they can put larger batteries for rear-wired version 2 gearboxes and play the whole day long without worrying about running out of juice.. Something for manufacturers to look into and make a version for M4 AEGs...