ePig Group: Tasmanian Tiger Base Pack 75


The ePig Group does a comprehensive walkthrough of the features of the Tasmanian Tiger Base Pack 75... "We've had to wait a long time for the new Tasmanian Tiger collection, but now it's here and we're kicking off our series of introductions with a real cracker, the Base Pack 75. Find out all about it in our video today!"

Weekend Warrior Shop: Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig MKII 2023


One of the best chest rigs we've tried, the Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig has a MKII model that Weekend Warrior presents in this video. This lightweight, universal harness features side pockets, a fold-out mount for protective plates (not included), and adjustable padded straps. The magazine pouches are designed for G36, SIG, AUG, M4, M16, STG, but can also be used as double pouches for 2 x 4 M4 magazines or similar plastic and metal magazines.

Tasmanian Tiger Shoulder Bag Presentation


Tasmanian Tiger gives us an overview of their TT Shoulder Bag that they recommend to professionals... "Compressible shoulder bag with two lockable main compartments. The TT Shoulder Bag has two main compartments, one of which is padded, as well as a flat zippered front pocket. In both main compartments there are MOLLE hook-and-loop patches for individual equipment. The bag can be compressed using the buckles on the outside.


Tasmanian Tiger Small Combi Rig Review


SAT&Gaming Airsoft gives his take on the Tasmanian Tiger Small Combi Rig. The TT Small Combi Rig is a versatile and customizable vest for carrying magazines and other gear. It has a hook-and-loop magazine module that can be detached and attached to plate carriers. It also has a removable accessories pocket and side flaps with MOLLE webbing.

Testing Plate Carriers For Tall People


The guys from the Weekend Warrior Shop, Stefan and Till, test plate carriers that tall people can wear such as the Tasmanian Tiger MK1V plate carrier... "Good morning! We'll show you what we wear and hope that Stefan's and Till's measurements will help you when looking for a plate carrier."

Tasmanian Tiger MK II War Belt In Multicam


Muddy Reviews goes over the Tasmanian Tiger MK II War Belt in Multicam pattern... "This was originally picked up for an older Spanish FGNE Airsoft Impression kit as they used to run the TT MK II Belts in Multicam. As far as padded War Belts go this is a really great buy and worth the $ I spent on it. I only have a few small complaints and they are all with the provided shoulder straps (Which can be replaced).

Tasmanian Tiger Medic Assault Pack L MK II


One of the latest releases by Tasmanian Tiger at the end of 2021 is the Medic Assault Pack L MK II... "Large medic backpack with intelligent and clear interior divider system. The TT Medic Assault Pack L MK II is now the third size of the tried and tested medic backpack from Tasmanian Tiger. The backpack is about 4 cm (one MOLLE strip) deeper than the two smaller models. It has laser-cut MOLLE on the front and sides. The bottom has attachments for a rescue blanket.

AMNB Quick Review: TT Maine Jacket


Quick review of ultralight and wind resistant softshell Maine Jacket from Tasmanian Tiger by the Airsoft & Milsim News Bog (AMNB)... "The MAINE JACKET or to be correct like the manufacturer calls it, the TT MAINE M’S JACKET is an ultralight wind-resistant as well water-repellent (light rain) softshell jacket that offers you the best possible range of motion, thanks to its light elastic softshell material which has been used for it."

Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC Verage Airsoft Feature


Verage Airsoft explains the features of the Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC and why he chose it... "After testing and searching for the right battle belt, I chose the Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC. My gear is set up to be as flexible as possible and this belt fits my needs perfectly. I need gear that works in milsim games but also in day events, or even CQB games.

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