Moondog: How Good Is A $4 Taclight?


Short answer, not good. But let's watch Tom of Moondog Industries try out a US$4 taclight he got from seller on Aliexpress... "The LitWod product description claims 6200LM but that's impossible out of this CREE type and battery?! The light started smoking after less than 60 seconds of continuous high mode, went dim, and now won't turn on at all.

SureFire G2X Tactical Light Spotlight


Spotlight video from Surefire showing the highlights of their G2X Tactical Light... "SureFire’s G2X™ LED illumination tools share many features, such as virtually indestructible high-efficiency LED emitters, 600 lumens of maximum output, precision reflectors, and sleek Nitrolon® polymer bodies. Their differences let you select the ideal light for your needs.

Mach1 Element X300 Vampire Taclight


A copy of the Surefire X300 from Element is available at Mach1 Airsoft... "Surefire X300 flashlights have always set the benchmark for performance under stress. Surefire's innovative design uses two CR123 batteries to push an amazing amount of light out of a truly ambidextrous pistol light. Users use the toggle switch to lock their lights on from either side, or they can push on the switch itself using their off-hand thumb for momentary on.

TGL: Fenix TK15 Tactical Flashlight


A quick review ot the Fenix TK15 Tactical Flashlight done by Eric for this week... "We where very excited when we were able to get our hands on the Fenix TK15 Tactical Flashlight from Taking the light out of the package, you can tell right away that this flashlight means business. The Fenix TK15 is a tactical flashlight with a ton of features."

Read the full review at The Gear Locker.

G&P CREE LED RAS Tactical Light


This weaponlight is on special offer from eHobby Asia as they are now selling it at a special price of US$49.99 instead of its original retail price of US$85.00. Better grab whilst offer is still hot... "This G&P CREE LED RAS Tactical Weaponlight has a detachable QD Mount for all RIS & picatinny 20mm rails. It is constructed with Full Aluminum Metal Casting Body & Flashlight Housing.

Specialized Tactical Systems NavLight


We always love simple innovations that does a lot. In this case it's the NavLight from Specialized Tactical Systems NavLight which is a very versatile lighting took that can be used anywhere on the operator. It looks simple but is very flexible... "NavLight® is a revolutionary and patented lighting system designed to provide the operator with Just Enough Light™. NavLight® provides 0-5 lumens of light allowing for map reading, soft ambient light, SSE, chamber checking, etc.

Night Evolution KRISS Vector Taclight


Finally in stock at EB Airsoft is this taclight from Night Evolution tht can be fitted at the front end of the KWA KRISS Vector GBB (if you can still find one). The light is US CREE Q2 with 180 lumens of brightess, it is powered by 1 CR123A battery which is not part of the package, but a remote pressure switch is included. Made of aerospace aluminium, this costs US$59.90, shipping costs already included.

25% Off LPE MP5 SD Taclight Mounts


This finely made tactical light mount for MP5 SD airsoft guns can be purchased from Lees Precision Engineering at 20% off the retail price... "This product was designed to provide MP5 SD users with a low profile system for securely mounting standard 25mm/1" bodied tac lights or lasers onto the integrated silencer while retaining the classic look of the MP5 SD series and keeping front end weight to a minimum.

First Light USA Tomahawk Taclight


Taclight from First Light USA for single-headed operation at ADSInc.... "The Tomahawk is built to adapt to the operator’s tactics, rather than forcing them to adapt their tactics to their flashlight. The Tomahawk® allows for faster response times, allowing operators to perform more intuitively and ably. The Tomahawk® isn’t just designed to be a more effective flashlight—it’s designed to help operators be more effective themselves.

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