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Spartan Imports

Spartan Imports SRX 300 Series Preview

Posted last December 2016 by Palco Sports is a quick overview of the Spartan Impors SRX 300 Series... "The latest release from Spartan Imports AEG's. Produced in partnership with one of the most highly respected airsoft manufacturers in the world, this premiere line SRX 300 Series comes in three different models. 303, 306, and 309. There is a model to cover any style of play.

ASGI: SHOT Show 2015 Spartan Imports

We continue with our posts of the Airsoft GI's coverage of the SHOT Show 2015 with Bob at the Spartan Imports area in this video... "Spartan Imports have brought out a lot of cool stuff from Shot Show 2015! They have introduced their new URX series that includes a Keymod RIS OEMed by Classic Army and very upgraded internals such as tightbore barrels, low resistance wiring, and more!

ASGI: Spartan Imports SHOT Show 2015

On Airsoft GI TV Uncut, Bob "The Axemand" Hildebrand drops by the Spartan Imports booth at the SHOT Show 2015 to find Alex to discuss about the products they have. They focused on the Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenades which are already famous amongst airsoft players and also their Steel Propane Adaptor. Also in the video are the Guard Dog "aggressive" eyewear and the URX series.

FNX 45 Quick Look By Spartan Leah

Spartan Leah gives us a quick look at the Cybergun FNH FNX45 Gas Blowback Pistol which will soon be distributed by Spartan Imports to retailers in the US. Made in Taiwan this is a fully licensed pistol by Cybergun with materials being made of Polymer and Aluminium Alloy. With the licensing, it comes with full trademarks which should make those who require trademarks of the real steel company happy.

DesertFox Exclusive: FNX 45 Tactical GBB

Jet DesertFox visits Spartan Imports to find more about the FNX 45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol for this exclusive video of DesertFox Airsoft. He's the first guy outside of Spartan Imports in the USA to report about this pistol which many are looking forward. The pistol he reviews is still a prototype and thus the final production version may perform differently. Nevertheless, he is still impressed by the prototype.

Announcements from Spartan Leah June `14

Spartan Leah posted this to make some announcements for the month of June 2014. What is significant here is that she and Adella Relentless have teamed up tp have a bi-weekly Live Tal Show for their YouTube Channel. The first webisode will be this Sunday, 8 of June 1930H PST, so better tune in. Watch the rest of the video to find out where Spartan Leah can be spotted for the rest of the month.

Spartan Imports: Blaser R93 LRS1 Ultra Grade

We have Spartan Leah to tell us more about this spring sniper rifle which is available for dealers to order from Spartan Imports... "The Blaser R93 LRS1 (Long Range Sporter 1) Ultra Grade is a spring action rifle with full trademarks (licensed by Cybergun). Zinc Alloy and ABS are used as the main materials to reduce the weight of the rifle."

Classic Army 2014 Colt M4 Carbine AEG

Classic Army update their M4 Line-Up and coming back with the Colt Trademark perhaps with a new licensing agreement with Cybergun. What is shown in the video is the Classic Army Colt M4 Carbine, 2014 Spartan Version which Alex show a standard configuration 2014 M4 AEG where he shows that this is a rear-wired AEG with a Crane Stock. Also, the version 2 gearbox gets an update such as 9mm bearings and steel selector plate... "Alex of Spartan Imports provides a quick look at the new 2014 Pro-Line M4 by Classic Army.

Eric, Jeffrey & Kim Shootout At Cybergun

A shootout happened at the Cybergun Mini-Course on the second day of the IWA & Outdoor Classics 2014. Some of the finest airsoft practical shooters had a go in beating each other's time such as Jeffrey Chan of ACE1 Arms and Kim of Spartan Imports. They had a tough assignment, beating the time of Eric Grauffel, 5-time World Practical Shooting Champion who has his own range of airsoft guns for practical shooting made by Cybergun.

Milsim Junkie with Spartan Import's Leah

Spartan Leah of Spartan Imports goes pistol packin' when she went to the Gamepod Combat Zone where was found by Arwin of Milsim Junkie who took the opportunity to film her with the goodies she brought from Spartan Imports. She brought the new FN-57 CO2 Pistol, a revolver, and the M&P9 pistol, all are available right now from her employer.