Mounting A Headband SORDIN Supreme Mil


Another howto video from the Recon Brothers showing how to mount a headband Sordin Supreme Mil unto a helmet... "A Sordin Supreme Mil CC Slim with a leather headband can be worn underneath a bump or ballistic helmet, but this isn't always convenient in use. The best solution to this is mounting it on a helmet with adapters. With this video we'll explain the full process on how to mount the headset onto a helmet and also share what you need to look out for when considering such a setup."



The Recon Brothers look at two ear protectors and headsets for tactical and milsim use, the PELTOR ComTac XPI and the SORDIN Supreme MIL CC Slim... "Should you go for a 3M PELTOR ComTac XPI (= ComTac V in USA) or a SORDIN Supreme MIL CC Slim headset?" A question asked by many and with this video it finally gets an answer. Because here we'll bring you a purely objective comparison between both headsets their pro's and con's.

Before You Buy: Sordin Supreme Pro-X


Recon Brothers are back with their "Before You Buy" series with the Sordi Supreme Pro-X ear pro as the subject of this episode... "Shooters that are in need of hearing protection and at the same time want to keep their situational awareness or want to keep speaking on a normal comfortable level, will require something called active hearing protection. The SORDIN Supreme Pro-X is a product that does all of that and in this before you buy video we’ll give you our thoughts on it.

Recon Brothers On The Sordin Supreme Mil CC Slim & PTT


In their "Try Before Your Buy" episode, the Recon Brothers go over the Sordin Supreme Mil CC Slim & PTT... "The SORDIN Supreme Mil CC Slim is the showpiece of the Swedish SORDIN company (once famously known as MSA SORDIN). In this video we'll fully go over both this headset and the corresponding PTT options as well as cover their builds, features and pro's and con's.

ASC Z-Tactical Sordin Replica Review


Airsoft Community Italy's Ghigno's turn this time to make a review for the website and he has the Z-Tactical Sordin Headset Replica to work on... "Finally, Z-Tactical Sordin Replica have a quality product, in line with the value, especially taking into account the limitations inherent a replica.  However, I find reprehensible the choice of forcing the buyer to make two easy welds if he wishes to use military PTTs.

MSA Sordin At Wolf Armouries


December news from Wolf Armouries..."Wolf Armouries are now proud to stock MSA Sordin products. MSA Sordin offer a lot of unique features but irrespective of the model you'll still get an unquestionably comfortable and reliable hearing protector. Sordin's headbands have a patented system for adjustable pressure as well as being the ultimate, especially in electronic hearing protection/communications.


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