Airsoft GI: Top Sniper Rifle Questions


Latest blog entry from Airsoft GI answers questions from airsoft players about airsoft sniper rifles... "Hello Again Airsofters! We’ve cobbled together a list of top questions from the web-o-sphere regarding sniper rifles and airsoft! Did These help answer any of your pressing questions?"

Read the full blogpost here and below is the video overview:

"The Best Airsoft BBs for Snipers?"


Find out in this video what Airsoft After Hours consider to be the best BBs for use in airsoft sniper rifles... "We get asked what BB's we use quite often, so here is a video showing some of the BB's we use and our thoughts on them.

This is our opinion on the best BB's we've used. This is not the answer to which BB brand is the best in the world, it is our opinion so make sure you test different BB's before making your mind up on which BB brand you like the best, stay safe guys and girls and have fun!"

ARES Airsoft M40-A6 Sniper Rifle


Another airsoft sniper to save up for, the ARES Airsoft M40-A6 Sniper Rifle... "The M40A6 is made of full metal construction, this airsoft intends to be used during bold and challenging situations. With fully adjustable folding stock and cheek pad, you can comfortably set them into your ideal position! Available in Black and Dark Earth colour.

*Bipod, silencer and rifle scope are offered separately."

UK Airsoft Sniper Championships 2019


You want to prove yourself to be one of the best airsoft snipers out there? Then join in the UK Airsoft Sniper Championships 2019 being organised by Hunteering with players from other countries also participating. The event will be on the 5th to the 6th of October 2019 at HQ Airsoft in Yorkshire... "UKHA are running the UK Sniper Championships at HQ Airsoft this year. October 5th and 6th. Entry is £50 includes camping.

Limited places. We seek Airsoft snipers to represent their country.

Specna Arms CORE Airsoft Sniper Rifles


Affordable bolt action airsoft sniper rifles from Specna Arms under the CORE line are presented here by Gunfire... "Specna Arms presents a new line of CORE replicas - spring-loaded sniper rifles replicas at an affordable price. Compatibility, three magazines in a set or a multitude of models and colors to choose."

Paint Your Gun In Under One Hour


Want a quick process of painting your airsoft gun? Here is Sniper Fabi showing how to do a custom paint job in under on hour. Watch carefully and take down notes if need be so you can do what he did in the video.. "Today I am going to show you how you can paint your Airsoft Gun in a really cool and really fast way with the new Camopens - GIVEAWAY IS ALREADY OVER."

Best BBs For 1 Joule Airsoft Sniping


If you are limited to just one joule even for airsoft sniper rifles in your location, you might want to watch this video by Fox-Green on what BB to use for maxmium effect... "This video goes through the BBs I use and why I have now changed over to a new BB which I find to be superior. I show just how effective these are especially when you only have 1 joule to use. This will make a huge difference to your game play and massively increase your hit ratio.

Incoming! RAPTOR SV-98 Sniper Rifle


Start saving up and wait after the Chinese New Year to get this rifle. Raptor Airsoft announced that they will be releasing the Raptor SV-98 Airsoft Sniper Rifle after the big event in the Chinese calendar. This is based on the  SV-98 (Snaiperskaya Vintovka Model 1998), a bolt action Russian-design sniper rifle that is used by special operations.


Amoeba AS-01 Stryker Gen 2 Overview


Extreme Airsoft give us an overview on the second generation version of the Amoeba Striker S1 Sniper Rifle. Mainly made of polymer, this is a bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle with has a metal receiver, 20mm top rail, bolt and barrel assembly, and fluted ouer barrel. It comes with a 55-round magazine.

"What It's Like To Be An Airsoft Sniper?"


DesertFox Airsoft goes into action during the Bad Blood 2018 event as an airsoft sniper. As for the equipment, he mainly used items from the shop of the biggest airsoft celebrity ever. You know who we are pertaining to... "This a glimpse of what it's like to be an airsoft sniper.  Today we're playing at EMR Event Park in New Milford, PA for's Bad Blood 2018.

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