The Firearm Blog: What is the SIG MCX RSAR?


The Firearm Blog talks about the SIG MCX RSAR that is will be used by the USSOCOM.... "SIG Sauer was recently awarded a 5-year, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract valued at $5 million to provide the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) with a new Reduced Signature Assault Rifle.

AMNB Boomstick Porn: SEK-Inspired SIG MCX


Chris Bravo writes how he  put together a SEK-Inspired SIG MCX in this Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) article... "For this Boomstick Porn presentation, I’ve chosen a setup I saw the other day in use by a SEK (SpezialEinsatzKommando or SonderEinsatzKommando) operator during a raid somewhere in Germany.

Garand Thumb: The SIG SPEAR LT In 5.56


The SIG Sauer LT is the 5.56mm derivative of the SIG SPEAR NGSW and Garand Thumb was able to get one for a try and gives his thoughts on it... "The SIG MCX SPEAR LT in 5.56 is a soon to be released weapon that owes it's origins to both the NGSW program as well as recent SOCOM solicitations. It is the latest generation of SIG's MCX lineup of rifles and takes the weapon in a more professional direction.

"The VFC SIG MPX You’ve Always Wanted"


Airsoft Lab feature a VFC SIG Air ProForce MPX AEG that has been fully upgraded as a CQB monster. The upgrade parts put into this are the Jefftron Leviathan MOSFET, Warhead Industries Brushless AEG motor, TopMax AirSeal, aand 13:1 Gears. Is this the ideal upgrade you want? Check the video first.

MCX Rattler Upper Receiver Build For Marui NGRS


Task Force 18 show how to assemble the 3D-printed MCX Rattler Upper Receiver Build designed to use on the Tokyo Marui NGRS AEG... "Assembly video of the MCX Rattler upper receiver for Tokyo Marui NGRS Next Gen Recoil Shock system. All parts were 3D printed on a Creality Ender 3 in PLA plus."

Garand Thumb With The U.S. Army's New M250 Support Weapon


Garand Thumb gets to play with the replacement of the M249 of the U.S. Army, the M250 NGSW made by SIG Sauer... "The US Army's new belt fed Machine gun the M250 will be replacing the M249 SAW, the world is changing. Today we visit Sig and are given the rundown on the new belt fed machine gun that US Service Members will be carrying. The M250 fires the potent 6.8x51 (277 Fury) Hybrid cased round.

Garand Thumb With The The SIG Spear/NGSW XM5


Garand Thumb gets to have some fun and give his thoughts on the newly selected service rifle of the U.S. Army, the NGSW XM5 or the SIG Sauer Spear... "The SIG SPEAR has been selected as the US Army's new Service rifle. Many people have tons of questions about the SIG SPEAR especially since it’s such a relatively new and in many ways traditional system compared to some of the other competitors in the NGSW.

New SIG Sauer ROMEOZero PRO Red Dot Sight


Here is a look at the new SIG Sauer ROMEOZero PRO Red Dot Sight that can be mounted on optics ready handguns... "The ROMEOZero-PRO brings the lightweight polymer design of our ROMEOZero line of micro reflex optics to a full-size pistol optic built with a host of premium features. The ROMEOZero-PRO model is compatible with all SIG SAUER ROMEO1 PRO optics-ready pistols.

Ivan Tong's SIG MCX MWS Gas Blowback Rifle Project


We have watched a quick shooting test video of the SIG MCX Gas Blowback Project of Ivan Tong and this uses the Tokyo Marui MWS gas blowback system. This time he posts a longer video... "A lot of you guys might be wondering how does the gas blow back MCX shoots. Instead of just dry firing at home, I have decided to bring this little bad boy to the range. Enjoy!"

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