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The WGC Shop October Sale Is On

The Mechanix Original Gloves in Woodland Camo are just one of the items that are on sale this month at WGC Shop. Better hurry as this sales event ends on  the 23rd of October 2017... "We have gloves, optics, illuminators and other great stuffs are on sales, from 20% to 80% off, only from 13th Oct. to 23 Oct., time is running out, do it now."

Military Belts Sale At Military1st Right Now

Need some new belts to keep those trousers up? At, you can get military belts at a discount of 15%, just use the code provided here... "Military 1st Belts Sale We offer 15% off all army and tactical belts with Discount Code BELT17.

The Military1st M-65 Jackets Sale Is On are having an M-65 Jacket Sales. With the cold weather starting to creep, you'll need one of these to keep yourself warm in the field. Use the code they have provided here... "Military 1st M-65 Jackets Sale. We offer 10% off all M-65 jackets with Discount Code M6517.

Viper Tactical Sale At Military1st

Grab all the Viper Tactical gear that you can with your available shopping money as are having a Viper Tactical sale. Save 15% off you orders by using the discount code provided here... "It's the Military 1st Viper Tactical Sale. We offer 15% off all Viper Tactical apparel and equipment with Discount Code VIPER17.

It's The Military1st Sweatshirt Sale

More cold weather clothing at discounted prices as are having a Sweatshirt Sale... "It's the Military 1st Sweatshirts Sale! We offer 10% off all hoodies and sweaters with Discount Code SWEAT17. Visit us today and save on tactical hoodies, sweatshirts and sweaters form Helikon, Pentagon and Propper.

RedWolf Airsoft Summer Bonanza Sale 2017

Now the airsoft summer season is over and with that RedWolf Airsoft are having a Summer Bonanza Sale. Grab what you can get at a discount with airsoft guns at 10% off whilst weapons accessories are 12% off... "Just to let you guys know. We are actually having a Summer Bonanza Sale now! Only available till Oct 9th. Act now!"

WGC Shop Combat Gear Sale Ongoing

Better hurry up and visit the WGC Shop as they have a Combat Gear Sale ongoing and it will end on Saturday, the 30th of September 2017... "We launched a "Combat Gear" sale, from 21st September to 30th September. And provided most reasonably priced gears for airsoft with various brands."

Base Layer Sale Now At Military1st

As we go into the cold seasons, we better start choosing which warm clothing items and base layers are essential when we go out into the field. Good thing we can get a discount at with their Base Layer Sale... "It's the Military 1st Base Layers Sale! We offer 20% off all base layers and underwear with Discount Code BASE17.

Magnum Boots Sale At Military1st

Ditch your old combat boots for new pairs as you can get Magnum Boots at 15% at They got a good number of kinds of tactical boots made under the popular Magnum brand in stock... "The Military 1st Magnum Sale! We offer 15% off all Magnum boots, clothing and accessories with Discount Code MAGNUM17.

Hyperdouraku: FIRST Tokyo 5th Anniversary

Hyperdouraku drops by the FIRST Japan Tokyo Store as they celebrate its 5th year annivesary. A sale was announced before hand with people already queueing up since 0330H in the morning. Lots of giveaways and gimmicks. One exciting prices is a Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES in Cerakote.

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